off-campus living

Why Live Off-Campus?

If you’re a college or university student, it’s likely that you’ll have the choice of a range of different types of accommodation, both within the immediate neighbourhood of your school and further afield. Many towns and cities that are home to major colleges and universities have a wide range of downtown housing solutions available for students residing in the local area. But why is off-campus living of this kind ideal for so many? What makes it different to living on campus, and why might you choose one over the other?In this article, you’ll find just a few of the benefits of off campus living – whether you’re a freshman, a sophomore, a junior or a senior.

Downtown Living Without the Commute 

One of the best aspects of selecting off campus housing options is that you may be able to choose the accommodation that offers you all of the independence of a downtown residence – with a range of local conveniences close to hand – but is located just a couple of blocks from the school itself. That means you’ll save time and money by cutting out the lengthy travel.

Of course, it’s vital that you double check the distance from the accommodation you are considering to the area of campus you’ll need to visit each day – as well as the nature of the local neighborhood – in order to make the right choice.

Facilities and Resources 

You may find that independently-run off-campus accommodation may come with a range of superb free perks, particularly – but not necessarily only – if it is run and managed by an established company.

These perks may include roommate matching services, 24/7 repairs and free access to gyms, group fitness sessions, clubhouses or common areas. There may also be weekly social events that you can attend in order to kick back and meet new people. This is because renting from an independent entity that is not tied in with the university itself can often mean the potential for higher levels of investment in the wellbeing of residents and greater flexibility in terms of what can and can’t be done.

Total Independence and Comfort 

Off campus housing options are often highly versatile and may offer a range of excellent benefits that you may not find in any other dorm-living situation. Some businesses that run accommodation of this kind may provide the option of your own room – perhaps with its own bathroom, washer and dryer – for extra comfort and privacy. You may also be able to find locations with great on-site parking, and even options for single-bed or multi-bed arrangements!

If you prefer to keep a healthy distance between your university life and your accommodation, then off campus living is for you. With this option, you can be in the heart of town without any costly or lengthy commute to class, choose who you live with – and how many, enjoy your own space and make full use of a range of great facilities – enjoying the affordable rents of student accommodation all the while.