What Can be Made in Commercial Deck Ovens?

If you’re seeking high end commercial deck ovens that are designed for high volume baking of exceptional quality, there are a number of brands that should always be first on your list.Deck ovens are so named because they are divided into a number of tiers, or “decks”, across which controlled heat is carefully distributed to achieve an even rise and a perfect crust each time.So – what could you make in your commercial deck oven? In this article, we offer a few mouth watering suggestions.

Dinner Rolls

The perfectly even distribution of heat throughout ovens of this kind means that you can produce batch after batch of fresh, crusty rolls or other small baked goods – each one as beautifully baked as the last. Whether you run a boutique bakery that makes artisan sandwiches or you need fresh rolls regularly as an appetizer or a companion to soups and stews, the use of a deck oven will ensure that you always have the precise amount you need – while baking a range of other treats simultaneously!


Ovens of this kind are a great alternative to traditional clay or brick options – and are often much more compact. You’ll be able to produce an authentic pie every time, using a method that is much more streamlined and versatile. This is why deck ovens are so exceptionally popular at takeout hotspots worldwide.


Quickly produce mouth watering batches of artisanal baguettes to give your bakery or eatery a touch of real European class. Deck ovens can produce huge numbers at a time to keep even the busiest of outlets well-stocked without the waiting time.


Focaccia is a specialist bread that requires an even and controlled temperature to rise perfectly and to achieve its iconic consistency. Because it’s so easy to manage the distribution of heat in a deck oven, they’re perfect for expert bakes of this kind.


Pastry – particularly of the French variety which includes laminating techniques and tricky choux – is another baked good that is notoriously demanding when it comes to the careful distribution of heat. You can achieve light, fluffy, buttery creations every time through the use of a deck oven – maintaining a standard that other baking techniques simply can’t reach.


From delicious pies to rich cakes, deck ovens are ideal for creating a range of delicious desserts quickly. Even challenging creations are easy to achieve due to the oven’s ease of control and masterful heat distribution. Think delicious cookies, artisan cakes, chocolate brownies, fruit tarts, and amazing apple pies. Some bakers even use a deck oven to make multiple tier wedding cakes.

Now that you’ve got a flavor of some of the savoury and sweet treats that can be made in a deck oven, why not research local stockists in your area? You can call in store to see the options that are available. Ask questions about size, price and how each model operates. Enquire about the pros and cons of each option and ask for installation advice.