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Off Campus Housing and Mental Health: How Living Downtown Can Benefit Your Wellbeing

There are many superb upsides to living off campus while studying for a university or college qualification. One key perk is the positive impact on your mental health. Where you live can make a huge difference to how you feel. In this article, we explain a little about how off campus living can be very good for you in this respect.


It can be extremely healthy to distance yourself from the hustle and bustle of campus and achieve that feeling of freedom. A superb aspect of off campus accommodation is the option to choose a location that is very close to the institution you attend without actually being part of it. This means that you can have both the town and your university right on your doorstep without always having to be right at the busy heart of things. Make sure that you browse the accommodation provider’s student apartment catalog to find out more about locations and their exact distance from your college or university.

Personal Space 

Unlike many on-campus “dorm” situations, many independent student housing providers offer individual rooms – which may even have their own bathroom, washer and dryer. This takes the stress out of sharing, reducing the risk of squabbles between roomies, and giving you the space you need to breathe. You may even be able to choose between single and multi-room options, allowing you to make the choice between enjoying your own space or staying with a group of close friends. This way, you can take the lead in terms of your living situation.

Leisure Time and Social Experiences

Because they are not usually tied down to the same rules and regulations observed by university-run accommodation, off campus housing management may provide more diverse options for free ways to socialize or enjoy your leisure time. Everyone needs a break sometimes, and, when you have resources such as free gym access or personal training classes, you’ll be able to easily take time out to work on your health and fitness – something that is vital during stressful periods of study. You may be able to attend well organised events and chill out at a specially assigned clubhouse or common space too.

Super Easy Services 

From a roommate matching service to easy online rent payments, providers of off campus accommodation often work hard to offer perks that take the stress out of first-time independent living. There may even be options for free print services to help with your assignments and free 24/7 maintenance that can be quickly ordered online. Of course, accommodation of this kind is designed for students – which means it is likely to be highly affordable compared to alternative options in the area – and you may be able to make use of special offers and even flexible move-in dates to help you enjoy pre-semester activities at your leisure.

All of the above resources are set up to make the arrangement of your new accommodation and the ongoing requirements of independent living as easy as possible to manage.