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Supreme Patty Net Worth, Early life and Career

Supreme Patty Net Worth

Patrick Wallace, AKA Supreme Patty, is a successful Instagram personality who took credit for the egg that got more likes than Kylie Jenner. He is also a stuntman, prankster, and rapper. He breaks the mold with his distinctive and weird sense of humor. He is way ahead of the curve. Orlando Bloom’s repost plunged him into a successful Instagram personality. Supreme Patty Net Worth is $2 Million.

Supreme Patty is a lot more than an Instagram personality. He is someone who could smoke hot sauce for likes. However, his rapid rose to stardom is what you cannot ignore. So invest your next 10 Minutes here to read the whereabouts of Supreme Patty.

Early Life & Education?

Patrick Wallace, AKA Supreme Patty, was born on December 18, 1997, in Daytona Beach, Florida. His parents decided to get separated when he was just three years old. Bill and Angie also had a daughter called Katie. He attended Sugar Mill Elementary School and Ormond Beach Middle School. He went to Seabreeze High School, but he dropped out. For his GED, he went to Gainesville, Florida, at Santa Fe College.


He started his career with the moniker Supreme Patty. Leading on Instagram officially began on August 29, 2013. His videos depicted him having food, drinks, smoking weed, burning them, lip-syncing, parody plays, and other weird stuff like smoking hot sauce for likes. At first, his videos were a little odd because he had a unique way of filming and doing stuff. His first viral video was him having three hotdogs within 5 seconds. Thanks to Orlando Bloom for reposting the video, which went viral and plunged him into a Successful Instagram personality. Today his Instagram account has 5.6 Million followers. His fan base is proudly known as ‘Lil Dick Gang.’

He created his Youtube Channel named ‘Supreme Patty’ in April 2015. He got us covered with his distinctive and weird sense of humor. His initial videos include pranks, challenges, and reaction videos. One of his dangerous stunts involved Patty putting his life in danger. This escapade left everybody shocked. You might think that he’s crazy, but there’s a method to his madness. All of a sudden, he was on a tear. His craziness led him to gain three million followers on Instagram within a year. Shocked! Right?

His success continued; by the year 2016, Patty’s net worth was $30,000. He continued following the same pattern of his craziness; everything went according to his own accord. Unfortunately, Patty suffered from severe acne issues. He recorded his journey from the beginning and even after his surgery, which took place in June 2018. His video portrayed the concept of consistency.

Apart from being an Instagram celebrity, Patty is also a rising rapper. His first music track, ‘Watchin’ featuring A.Miliz, was released on Soundcloud. One of his most popular tracks,’ Gelato,’ was released in February 2018. He released his debut music video on September 13, 2019, called ‘Money On My Mind.’ Unfortunately, the video gained more dislikes than likes. Other than this, his record list includes ‘Blah Blah,’ ‘Gelato,’ ‘Watchin’, ‘Blown,’ ‘Mad,’ and ‘Skrt Skrt.’

Personal Life:

One of the most unbelievable facts, Patrick Wallace, AKA Supreme Patty once tried to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge. Luckily, he survived. He spent three days in an Emergency detention center.

Supreme Patty Net Worth

The successful Instagram personality, Supreme Patty. He breaks the mold with his distinctive and weird sense of humor. Supreme Patty Net Worth is $2 Million. Supreme Patty’s annual income is estimated to be $48k. As per reports, his monthly income could range between $3k-$5k. His only source of income is Youtube, Music, advertisement, and endorsement.