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3 Jobs With Flexibility If You Want to Make a Career Shift

There are ample reasons why someone would want to make a career shift. Maybe you’ve been in that situation before. You’re sitting at your cubicle looking at a framed photo of your last vacation. Something inside of you is feeling stagnant in your current job.

Perhaps you feel like you’ve reached the corporate ceiling with no more room for growth. Or maybe you are no longer finding fulfillment in your industry.

No matter the case, there are more opportunities available now for people to make a change within their professional lives than ever before. It might seem a bit scary at first, but nothing good ever came without taking a few chances.

If you’re looking for something that provides a bit more flexibility in your life and are ready to take the plunge, take a look at three of these lucrative job opportunities.

Graphic Designer

One of the most important things to consider when making a career shift is identifying your strengths. Graphic design is an excellent career shift if you already have previous experience working as an illustrator, social media marketer, or have some other knowledge that incorporates branding.

Because of these previous types of jobs, you more than likely have an understanding of design elements while also having experience with the use of newer technologies.

The best part is that there are often graphic design courses you can take online to help freshen up your skills on various products like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator.

This is the type of career that can take you anywhere, from working full-time in the marketing department of a nonprofit organization all the way to creating one-off real estate farming postcards for a local realtor.

The flexibility in this field remains with the neverending necessity for design work no matter the industry you are in. Be your own boss by working freelance gigs or link up with a major Fortune-500 company.

Virtual Assistant

If you have previous experience working as an assistant, office administrator, or with any type of clerical work, becoming a virtual assistant could be an incredible switch for you to consider. With third-party platforms available online, more people are looking to outsource their assistants rather than hiring a full-time employee.

Companies such as Zirtual or PeoplePerHour are reputable sites for individuals and companies to connect with actively seeking virtual assistants. This alleviates the legwork of having to hunt for potential recruiters and have the work come directly to you. The flexibility in this field allows you to work remotely no matter where you are in the world. So pack your bags and get ready for your next adventure.

Freelance Writer

While this career has become more competitive since the global pandemic, freelance writing can be an incredibly lucrative and flexible job. Think about it. According to a statistic from, there are over 7.5 million blog posts published online every single day. That means companies are in competition in the search engines against millions of new content that is being distributed just to keep up with their rankings. Who is going to write that content? Valued freelance content writers.

One of the best parts is that freelance writing requires people with a wide range of backgrounds. Content is needing to be created for people with automotive experience to write blogs about how to perform an oil change. Articles need to be written about the latest social media algorithms that are impacting a company’s marketing strategy.

There are companies in various fields that are actively seeking freelance writers to help keep up with the competition. There are also many third-party platforms such as Upwork or Fiverr that allow you to work on a project-by-project basis if you are looking to work outside of the typical nine to five workday.

As we mentioned before, many of these fields are incredibly competitive as more people are seeking remote job opportunities since the pandemic. This doesn’t make these jobs impossible to find.

Before taking the plunge into making a career shift, take a look at what you might need. Sign up for online courses on search engine optimization or freshen up some of your design skills.

Then, update your portfolio and resume to align with what you want your future job to look like.