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Here’s Why Laminated Postcards are Great Marketing Materials

These days, email inboxes are often crowded. Take a peek into your junk folder and you might find dozens or even hundreds of discarded messages. Now, open the average physical inbox and you’ll often find that there are few if any letters. By using laminated postcards Atlanta-based or elsewhere, you can reach out to your audience and cut through the noise.

There’s something to a physical presence. Discarding an email is nothing more than a click. Discarding a physical objective, however, is more substantial. It’s not just ones and zeroes that are lost but instead a physical presence. With laminated postcards, you can create a physical presence for your brand.

That said, many mailers arrive damaged in the mailbox. While the post office does a good job of trying to protect mail, plain paper is rather weak and vulnerable. Even with careful handling, paper can get torn. Further, if it happens to rain, moisture could quickly ruin the paper.

Fortunately, by laminating postcards, you can help ensure that they remain protected from water. Laminated paper is also much less likely to rip. So if you’re looking to reach out to customers directly through the mail, laminated postcards are among your best options.

What can you put on laminated postcards in Atlanta or elsewhere? Often, companies offer discounts or advertise sales through postcards and mailers. This way, customers have a reason to pay attention to your mailer message. Further, the right discounts could pull customers into your business.

So if you’re looking to start a new business, or want to drum up traffic to an existing business, you owe it to yourself to consider laminated postcards. It can be hard to cut through all the noise but with the right mailers, you can drum up attention and potentially drive sales.