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How to Save Time on Chores: Top Tips

Let’s face it, not many of us enjoy doing chores. However, chores need to be done so that your home is clean and tidy once more.

If you tend to spend a lot of time on chores, chances are that you wish you could cut that time in half. This article can help you to save time on chores so that you can get on with doing the things you enjoy.

Set a Timer

A great way to save time is by setting a timer. Give yourself 15 minutes to do some cleaning. Spending this amount of time every day to tidy and clean your home can help to make your life easier. You might still need to spend half a day doing chores one day a week. However, 15 minutes of cleaning and tidying can make chore-day easier.

Assign Chores

If you live with other people, why not assign them some chores? Every member of the household can have a job to do each week. When other people have responsibilities it means you have less to do.

If you don’t have any help from people you live with, why not consider using a local cleaning company to help you? 

Prioritize Chores

Make a list of the most important chores. These chores should be done before everything else. If you are short on time, doing the most important chores can make your life easier. The chores that you don’t do when you’re short on time become a priority next time.

Dust and Polish First

One of the best things you can do is to dust and polish first. Working this way will mean you won’t need to dust and polish again because the dust would not have settled. Once you’re done it’s time to vacuum up all that dust.

Stay Organized

Did you know that staying organized can make doing chores so much easier? When you’re organized you have a place for everything. As long as you put things away when you’re done with them, you should find that cleaning up is so much easier.

You don’t need to organize your whole home in one day. Just do one room at a time. Store things away and be sure to tidy up after yourself. This way, cleaning will be a breeze.

Clean as you go

Cleaning as you go is an excellent way for you to cut down on the amount of time you spend cleaning. Empty the trash can when it’s full. Clean up after yourself when you’ve made dinner. Doing these little jobs can save you a lot of time when it comes to cleaning your whole house. After a while, you’ll get used to cleaning as you go, which means chore-day will be so much easier.

Use the above tips to help you save time on chores. Cleaning and tidying your home does not have to be a huge task. With a bit of organization, you too can have more time for doing the things you enjoy.