Is College Worth It? (The Age Old Question Finally Answered)

Welcome back friends. Tonight we’re going to be talking about what everyone wants to know. Is college worth it? This is a very complicated question and I will go over every aspect you need to know, including my experience from 5 years in school.

There’s a few different things you have to factor in to determine if college is worth it – education, future earnings, social life, and the opportunity cost.

Is College Worth The Education?

This is the easiest one to answer. I could read a book right now and learn more in one chapter than I did in 5 years of college classes.

The education in college is absolutely worthless. The professors have no real world experience. Even if they do, they just teach generic textbook crap.

Nothing gets learned by memorizing definitions or equations. Learning happens by DOING.

In my last semester of college, my Professional Writing professor was trying to tell me how to format my Resume and write a Cover Letter, when she was 35 years old and still in school and never had a job that wasn’t “teaching” people how to get a job.

It was pathetic. I had more experience on my resume than her.

Another funny example was that the school hosted a business plan competition. They actually awarded money for the best business plan.

What the fuck will writing a business plan do for you?

Instead of writing a 50 page business plan, aka mental masturbation essay, they could’ve just started the business.

People in college will take every excuse not to start something.

On a similar note, the clubs follow the exact same path. Bullshit, bullshit, and more bullshit. And you think the entrepreneurship club would be different.

Every meeting was just some lame guest speaker or tour of an incubator facility. Nothing actually happened. No-one started anything.

This past November someone was speaking at one of these meetings and I thought to myself, “What the fuck am I doing here?”.

The next month I dropped out of school and finally escaped the joke they call higher education.

College doesn’t teach you how to be successful, and it doesn’t teach you how to get rich.

It teaches you how to be a mindless drone that pretends like their life is great on social media but secretly hates themselves.

The only thing college taught me was to do the exact opposite of it.

Is College Worth The Money

A few years back when I was a naive little kid, I would’ve told you that college was worth the money if you picked a good major.

Now, I feel like no matter how much money you would make after you graduate, it’s not worth the loss of freedom.

Money doesn’t mean anything if you’re trading your time for it.

Even if you like your job (rare), I guarantee you won’t want to be waking up to an alarm clock for 40 years. You’ll never be 100% happy working on someone else’s agenda.

In addition, the world is getting rid of traditional employment too. As of right now, 35% of the US is working on a freelance basis, with the number rapidly increasing.

By 2020, 50% of the US will be freelancing, and by 2025, 70% will be.

The reason this is happening is because traditional employment does not benefit the company or the employee.

The companies don’t want to be committed to contracts, and paying someone’s salary and benefits for a long period of time when the majority of a persons day doesn’t even consist of working, is an absolutely ridiculous notion.

With outsourcing, companies can just hire someone for a specific task, and then that’s it. No long HR process, no worries about employee turnover rate, nothing.

I myself outsource all the annoying stuff I don’t want to do on my businesses and I love it. My life is so much easier with outsourcing and I’ll have a separate post about it in the future.

Now in terms of the employee, I think most everyone has caught on to the fact that the white picket fence dream is no longer the american dream.

Back in the day, that was the best option out there. There were no alternatives for a better life.

But now that the internet has totally transformed the world, there are much better ways to live than to be stuck owning a big house with a family, working a corporate job.

The small percentage of people who say they still want this are either lying to you or lying to themselves, because they think that’s what they’re “supposed” to want.

So to conclude this section – no, college is not worth the money. Your degree will be practically worthless in a few years if it isn’t already.

Is College Worth It For Your Social Life?

I don’t think anyone will argue with me that the main reason kids want to go to college is to party and get laid.

College is still the best place for this compared to living at home, but the overall debauchery has decreased dramatically in the last few years.

Once again, the iPhone is to blame, as this device has absolutely murdered the social skills of this new generation.

When I was a Freshman in 2011, everyone was down to be friends if you weren’t a total weirdo.

But this new generation is super awkward and doesn’t even know how to make friends.

The only people who do are the frats and sororities (that’s why they got a bid), which only makes up like 10% of the college population.

Back 5 years ago frats used to be down to party with non-greek guys, but now it’s more closed off than ever before.

They know that most of the other 90% are losers and don’t want to associate with them at all.

Moral of the story – ya you can still have a good time in college, but the majority of people won’t be too happy. It’s not like the movies.

Unfortunately for most people college won’t be worth the social life, but don’t worry, there is one thing that college is good for.

What Is College Good For?

So if college is not worth the education, money, or social life, what is college good for?

It’s good for one big factor: time

College gives you 4 years of time for personal development, without worrying about all the expenses you would have to pay to support yourself otherwise.

Now obviously, this only applies if your parents are paying for your school.

My parents still made me pay around 25% in loans, but nothing came out my pocket pertaining to food, rent, or tuition.

Anyway, my college years we’re incredibly important for me to grow up. They were filled with many ups and downs, as I learned so much about myself and the world around me.

If I didn’t go to college I’d probably still be delivering pizza or working in an inbound call center. While they’re super easy jobs, I wouldn’t have time to do anything else. I’d be stuck in that life forever.

In college, I had the time to do whatever I wanted.

My first 2 years we’re mainly spent learning how to get laid, getting rid of my anxiety, and putting on some muscle.

Then my second 2 years in Florida we’re spent on starting businesses that will hopefully support me for the rest of my life.

I suggest you follow somewhat of a similar path. There’s no excuse not to be working on yourself in college, college life is far easier than the real world.

And after college it’s only going to get harder. I guarantee that if you can’t accomplish your goals in college when you have all the time in world, you’re not going to be able to do it once you’re working 40+ hours a week.

Start working on yourself while you have the time. That is what college is good for.

Final Thoughts

Even though college is definitely not worth it in terms of education, and future earnings, college is still worth it solely for the aspect of time. You’re never going to have such a free period to work on yourself again.

Because once you’re done, the bills will start piling up.

If you don’t want to end up in the rat race for the rest of your life, build something that will be able to support yourself, and then keep building some more.

Alright that’s it for tonight guys.

Fill out the poll and drop a comment about the goals you’ve been working on. The more we share the more we can help each other grow.

Catch ya next week – Brian.