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3 Signs that You Shouldn’t Trust a Roofing Company

Finding a good roofer is important, not only so that you don’t lose your money, but to make sure that you get the best job possible. You also need to have someone you can call in case something goes wrong.

Contractors in this business are well aware of the public’s ignorance and use all types of tricks to get them to pay more than they should. This is why you need to look for possible red flags when interviewing companies, so that you don’t work with a scammer or end up with subpar work. Let’s take a look at a few signs that you should trust a roofing team.

They Came to You

This is one of the biggest red flags. Good companies don’t have to go door to door after a major storm to get clients. They have clients going to them. If a team solicits you, it doesn’t mean that they’re bad, but you should still watch out. Double-check their credentials and compare their quotes with other contractors to make sure they’re not trying to swindle you.

One type you should turn away, however, is the roofer that says they noticed something on your roof that needs your attention. This is the clear sign of a scammer. Another one is the roofer that claims that you can get the roofing job paid for by your insurance company. Again, a clear sign of a scammer that should be avoided at all costs.

They Have Little History in the Area

You first have to pick a team that has a verifiable track record working in the community. They also need to operate from a real office.

A roofing team would have to be exceptional for you to hire them if they were just established. You don’t know what may happen with them in the future and you need someone to honor your warranty. We suggest that you pick a team that has at least three years of experience just to be safe. They should have plenty of clients vouching for their work as well.

There are also cases when a roofing company was established in another state and just established a new office where you are. Again, this is very tricky. They might not be as familiar with your weather conditions or may decide to close that office at a given time.

That’s why you should privilege local roofers with long histories. If you live in St Louis, for instance, local roofers will be better equipped to help you. Residential roofers St Louis like Wildwood Roofing & Construction have been serving the community for years and know the St Louis climate in and out. This is the kind of team you need to go for if you want the best service and have someone on call whenever you need it.

They Ask for Too Much Money Upfront

You shouldn’t be paying more than one-third of a project’s costs upfront. Anyone who’s asking for 50% or more should be turned away. There is no reason for you to pay that much before you’ve seen them work. You can agree to pay in stages, but you are under no obligation to do so. You should also make sure that there are clear caps on where they can spend on the contract, as they may take liberties with materials and have you pay more at the end.

These are all things you should be on the lookout for when picking a roofing company. Take your time and speak with as many teams as you can until you find a match.