Chiang Mai Girls

Chiang Mai Girls (Thai, Expats, And Backpackers)

What’s up everyone. I haven’t talked about girls for awhile since I was straight sick of the normal American behavior, but ever since I’ve been in Chiang Mai, my hope in females has been restored.

Chiang Mai is like a melting pot, where girls of all ethnicities and nationalities either live or travel to pretty frequently. I really enjoy that about the city as I am not attracted to asian girls. So if you are like me, don’t worry, the options here are endless.

In this article I’m going to talk about the different kinds of girls here, where to find them, and a bit of my own experience thrown into the mix.

So without further adieu, let’s get it started.

Chiang Mai Girls – Thai

The Thai girls are very interesting. Most of them don’t speak a lot of english, and most aren’t the hottest girls in the world, but they make up for it with very sweet personalities.

I’ve been with a few Thai girls so far, and after each one I see, I like them more and more. The most recent one I’ve been with I’m unofficially dating, which I never thought would happen before I moved here.

I thought that the language barrier would be super annoying, but it turns out that you really don’t need to talk that much. It’s true that 90% of language is non-vocal.

It’s also pretty cute listening to their broken english, and them teaching me Thai words as well.

In terms of meeting Thai girls, the best option in my opinion is Tinder. This is because you know that they have enough money for an iPhone, they know at least basic english, and if they matched with you, you already know that they like you too.

Some guys I know meet random ones during their day to day lives, but you generally have to know a good amount of Thai to do that well.

Lastly, you can meet them at bars, but most of the Thai girls there are either ladyboys, prostitutes, or just way more trashy than the girls on Tinder.

Expat Girls In Chiang Mai

Another group that makes up a big population of Chiang Mai girls, are the Expats.

If you didn’t know, an Expat is just a fancy word for someone living in a country other than where they were born.

In terms of Chiang Mai, there are three main groups of Expat girls: the english teachers, the “digital nomads”, and the vegan/hippie/yoga types.

PS: The reason why digital nomads is in quotes is explained right here.

Anyway, back to the subject at hand, there are a surprisingly large number of American and Canadian girls teaching english in Chiang Mai.

These girls can mainly be found at Zoe In Yellow, the most popular bar in the city, as well as Spicy Nightclub, which is where everyone goes after Zoe’s closes.

I’ve been with a couple of these english teachers, but as you would guess, their personalities are not ideal. It’s the same kind of thing you would get back in the US.

Up next you have the digital nomad girls, which makes up a very small population.

These girls can be found around the Nimman area, and if you meet a lot of people in the scene, there are private house parties that are thrown every once and awhile.

I haven’t been with any of these girls yet, but the majority are again American and Canadian.

Lastly, you have the vegan/hippie/yoga girls, which you can find randomly around the city, as well as Nong Buak Haad Park, the only park in all of Chiang Mai.

These girls are more European which I like, but I’m not into the vegan/yoga lifestyle so I haven’t had much experience with these girls.

Backpacker Girls In Chiang Mai

To wrap up our collection of different Chiang Mai girls, we have the infamous backpacker chicks.

Now when I say backpacker, most of these girls aren’t actually backpacking, but mainly just living from hostel to hostel as they travel across Thailand, SE Asia, or the whole world.

These girls are definitely the sluttiest of all three groups, as they mainly take these trips to sleep with a lot of foreign guys that their friends back home will never find out about.

You will find these girls at any hostel (there are over 150 of them in Chiang Mai), Tinder, and then Zoe In Yellow and Spicy Nightclub like I mentioned previously in the article.

I’ve been with some of these girls, as they are great for fast and easy sex, but obviously not much else as they are only staying short-term and are probably fucking a new guy every night.

You can spot them by the elephant pants they wear, as well as their stupid tattoos and hemp bracelets.

I should note that not all of these backpacker girls are like this, as some are genuinely good people.

Final Thoughts

Well guys there you have it, you know now the three main types of Chiang Mai girls – Thai, Expats, and Backpackers.

When I first got here I fell in love with the European girls as I had never really met one before (the Germans are my favorite), but the Thai girls are really starting to grow on me.

Longterm I would like to find a nice European girl to settle down with, but for now I’m just having fun and enjoying the company of my unofficial Thai girlfriend.

PS: It’s very easy to get girls here. If you look good and can speak freely, you will clean up. Even if your style and game needs improvement, you will do a lot better than in the US.

Chiang Mai Girls
Alright guys, that’s it for tonight.

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments section below, and I’ll be sure to reply as soon as possible.

Furthermore, I’ve got some big things planned both business wise and on L2W so stay tuned for that.

Happy Holidays to everyone, and I’ll catch you in the new year! – Brian