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Campervan vs. Motorhome: What’s the Difference?

When you are looking for a large utility vehicle, you have a few different options in front of you, but two of the most popular choices are campervans or motorhomes. Knowing more about the differences between the two (as well as some of the similarities) will help you out significantly when it comes to making an informed choice about which one is right for you. So, let’s check out a few, right here and now.

An Overview

As a general overview, it is the case that both campervans and motorhomes have the same essential purpose in mind – they are supposed to operate as mobile homes. They provide a place to live while you are out on the open road, or you decide to go camping in the wilderness. However, there are differences in how they operate.

A motorhome is the much larger option of the two, which means that they are roomier on the inside, but they are also going to be harder to manoeuver around on the open road. They often have plenty of plush facilities – particularly those at the higher end of the market. On the other hand, campervans tend to be the cosier option, which often have an expanding roof to allow more headroom. Also, when they are parked, many people decide that it is a great option to install an awning on them. There are all sorts of different options available for hire on Camptoo. Ultimately, they are a good choice for people who want a versatile vehicle that is not as large and unwieldy as a motorhome.

Budget Comparisons

There is no doubt that the motorhome tends to be the more expensive option, and this is coming down largely to the size, as well as the facilities that are readily available on board. Also, campervans are known to be more fuel efficient, so this also needs to be factored into the overall budgeting concerns.

Indoor Facilities

Campervans often have a small kitchen area, as well as a place for seating that often becomes a sleeping area as well. On the other hand, motorhomes have the size advantage, which means that you can fit more on the interior including kitchen, bathroom, storage, and other home comforts.

Ease of Manoeuvrability

There is no doubt that in terms of being easy to drive, campervans are going to win on this front as they are simply the smaller vehicle. It is going to take more practice and someone that is altogether more confident behind the wheel to drive successfully. As an added point, it is also going to be the case that campervans have a higher level of fuel efficiency.

There you have a good general comparison of the major differences that exist between these two types of vehicles. Ultimately, it all comes down to your set of needs, and that should help you to make up your mind and work out which vehicle is going be best for you when you’re traveling around.