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What Can You Do for a Virtual Office Party?

While some people have returned to the office, a lot of businesses have allowed staff to remain working from home, at least for a few days a week, to help keep them safe and because this system works for a lot of people. This might have resulted in fewer after-work drinks or socializing with colleagues outside of the office, but what about the annual Christmas party? With the festive season just around the corner, you might find that organizing a virtual office party is still the safest bet and perhaps even more convenient for those who won’t be commuting to the office. Below are a few ideas for what you can do for a virtual party that everyone will love.

Host a Quiz

This is a relatively easy thing to organize, and quizzes are always crowd-pleasers. It’s a great way to encourage some friendly competition between teams, and you can offer out fun prizes for the winners, such as gift hampers, shopping vouchers, or sending them a bottle of bubbly to enjoy over the Christmas break. A festive-themed quiz would certainly be appropriate, but you can always choose a different topic if you don’t want to be too predictable. Christmas jumpers and other cheesy festive attire are optional but should always be encouraged!

Chocolate Tasting

If a quiz isn’t something you think the majority of your teams will go for and you want to try something a bit different, too, why not arrange a virtual chocolate tasting? This is the time of year that everyone loves to indulge, and you and your staff might even find some perfect last-minute gifts to treat your loved ones to! In addition, arranging a virtual chocolate tasting will mean that everyone involved will get sent chocolates that will be part of the event that they can eat along at home – just make sure people save them until the party! Companies such as Dallmann Confections host corporate virtual chocolate tastings if you want to learn more about what to expect.

Murder Mystery

Murder mysteries are always great fun for small or large groups, and you can also do these virtually too! You will need to send each player their character information before the party so that they can get the right costume and get into their role. Encourage people to be theatrical, as this makes for a more entertaining evening! It can last a few hours, too, so you won’t be stuck for conversation or trying to keep your teams engaged over Zoom, Teams, or whichever platform you’re using to host your virtual office party.

Mock Award Ceremony

This is something that you might have done at Christmas parties before, and it’s a great way to acknowledge the hard work that your staff has done and show your appreciation. You can also choose to host a novelty award ceremony, which might be more fun for a virtual event and help people relax and get into the Christmas spirit before the break. Send novelty prices to go with each award, and get your teams to nominate and vote in the weeks leading up to the party.

If you are still keeping your teams out of the office and don’t want to meet up in person for the festive party this year, consider the suggestions above for some excellent virtual party ideas that are easy to do online.