MBA degree

The Differentiating Value of an MBA with AACSB Accreditation

There is no question that a lot of colleges and universities offer graduate business degrees, MBAs, and similar forms of business education specialization. And a good number of them went online or expanded into the digital arena during 2020. That said, simply being online doesn’t make a high-quality MBA training program. Substance, depth, and the skill of the trainers to draw on real-world examples and teach valuable lessons to cause a program to stand apart from the crowd.

Going for a Business Graduate Degree With an Edge

A unique approach is to focus on an MBA that is also AACSB-accredited. It makes a huge difference in the quality and depth of the material covered versus just running someone through the routine of business classes. Key aspects include the quality of the professors involved in providing the classes, the criteria being met that prepare a student for eventually taking the CPA examination for accounting licensure, and the value of the training for a long-term financial advanced career.

Unlike a standard business degree, even at the graduate level, the MBA with AACSB-accreditation brings a person far deeper into financial competency. The training is powerful in that it helps a student not only gain a deeper appreciation for the accounting process, it also helps him or her prepare from a management and executive level to lead others through accounting and financial decision-making. A second advantage is that the student comes through the program with sufficient requisites being met to pursue a more specialized role in accounting and finance than before. Because the program focuses heavily on case studies and real-life scenarios over textbook theory and concept memorization only, students realize a far more practical approach that matches the office and management role far more accurately.

Adjusting With the Times Versus Rehashing Old Books

Keeping up with the financial industry’s demands, the latest AACSB criteria puts heavy pressure on being technology-savvy as well as sensitive to the latest audit expectations as well. Because so much of modern finance is now becoming data-heavy and tech-oriented, students are taught numerous tools and applications that they are likely to deal with and, more importantly, make critical decisions on how to interpret and implement.

The application lines are blurring today as accounting through enterprise systems are being connected to multiple disciplines at the same time. Instead of simply tracking financial activities after the fact, the ramifications of accounting decisions are injected into the operational decisions companies are making on sales activity, material ordering, tech tools being used, data visualization, and most importantly, decision-making. That relationship and bonding between disciplines require management that can see cross-ways and not just linear in their particular function alone. The online MBA accounting AACSB accredited program provides that valuable difference.

Added Career Opportunity Potential Beyond Traditional Finance

Graduates with the specialized MBA training find themselves not only in management but also heavily in consulting roles as well. They are frequently involved in applications that combine accounting and tech, solving problems with both quantitative and qualitative analysis combined, applying training they received in the courses but now in real-world scenarios. As companies have been challenged to adapt hard after 2020, the demand for financial consulting has risen tremendously, especially in managing a world that is far more digital, remote, and decentralized. To do all that, the combination of finance and tech as exploded.

As mentioned earlier, there are lots of options to continue one’s education and training in business management. However, when you’re looking for an online approach with a qualified program that meets AACSB standards, the online MBA accounting AACSB approach is really the only viable approach to work with.