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Finding the Perfect New House (Tips and Tricks)

Have you finally given yourself the green light to start looking for a new house? Great, your journey has just begun.

Naturally, your brain will be buzzing with excitement. When you realize that you can move anywhere you like, it truly makes you realize how giant the world is. The different cities, villages, and even countries that you can move to are staggering, but nevertheless exhilarating.

It doesn’t matter if you are a first-time buyer or a family that are moving homes for the fourth time, here are some tips and tricks for you to put into action.

Use an estate agent

In life, everyone needs a helping hand – particularly when it comes to moving homes. Thankfully, estate agents exist to help with this.

It’s recommended that you use a reliable, proven estate agent – such as estate agents Cheshunt – who will be able to find the right property for your needs. For example, if you have a strict budget, they will work closely around it so that you are only informed about homes you can afford.

Don’t be scared by fluctuating prices

Currently, the world is navigating through some quite difficult times. Of course, this means that the housing market is unpredictable – as prices can suddenly rise or drop at any given moment. Don’t be scared by this, as it’s part and parcel of the industry right now. Plus, if everything goes your way, you might get lucky and find a total bargain!

Consider the local schools

If you have children, or are thinking about having some in the future, then you need to carefully think about schools (unless you plan on home schooling, instead). It’s a smart plan to move to an area where you will be in the catchment zone for an excellent school. This way, you will ensure the best possible upbringing for your family.

Chat with the neighbours

When you go to a house viewing, you shouldn’t just be focused on the design and ‘feel’ of the house. You should also be paying careful attention to the neighbourhood, itself. Remember, it’s no good living in your dream home if your surrounding environment is a nightmare!

So, make sure to scope out the neighbourhood for any potential red flags; whether it’s overly loud noise or there are indications of antisocial behaviour. It’s a smart idea – after your initial viewing – to revisit the property and speak with the neighbours. All you need to do is give a friendly knock on the door, introduce yourself (let them know you’re thinking about moving into the area), and ask about the neighbourhood. Remember, the house owner you’re considering buying from isn’t going to tell you about neighbourhood problems (as it would be detrimental to their sale), but the neighbours might be willing to be more honest with you.

Focus on the outdoors

Recently, society has experienced a ‘boom’ in health and fitness. More and more people are joining gyms, taking part in home workouts, and getting as much fresh air as possible.

Therefore, it’s recommended you find a home with suitable outdoor space, such as a spacious garden.