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5 Major Things to Consider Before Starting a Food Business

Everybody needs food, and if you’re a great cook, love baking, or want to help people lead a healthier lifestyle with nutritious meal kits and ingredients, there’s a massive market out there for all types of food businesses. From baking custom cakes to putting together custom blends of herbs and spices that your customers can use to season their foods at home, there are tons of food business ideas that you could get started with today. However, before you jump in, there are some key things to make sure that you have considered before getting started.

Date Labels

Whenever you are selling any kind of food product, it’s important to ensure that your customers are aware of when they should throw the product away if it has not been consumed. This is especially important if you are selling fresh food products that often have a shorter shelf life and will become harmful to health after a certain date. But even with longer-life products, it’s crucial that customers know how long they will last for. Find more information on getting date codes and labels for food products at

Food Hygiene

Depending on the type of food that you are selling, you may need to have somebody come to inspect your premises for hygiene and give you the all-clear. This is typically important if you are preparing food to sell either from your home or a commercial premises. Take-out restaurants, bakeries, and other businesses that prepare food to sell will need to have regular hygiene inspections.


While some food products are typically easy to ship, others may require some more planning. Packaged food items will not usually cause a big problem with shipping, but if you are sending out fresh foods or baked goods, for example, you’ll need to consider getting specialized packaging and shipping to ensure that the food stays fresh en-route and arrives at its destination undamaged.

Licenses and Permits

Depending on the state where you are going to be running your business, there may be local laws and regulations that you will need to adhere to. This could include getting a license or a permit to sell food items from your home or elsewhere in your local area. Your state website should have more information on what will be required for you to get started.


Finally, no matter how careful you are to only sell fresh, safe food products, it’s important to get insurance as there is always the risk that a customer could bring a claim against you. You can minimize claims by taking several steps including making allergen labels and use by dates clear; however, this isn’t a fool-proof way to avoid claims completely. A good business insurance policy that covers you for a wide range of situations is absolutely essential.

Whether you’re selling healthy foods or indulgent treats, there are several important things to consider before you get started with running your own food business. Whether you’re selling online or out of a business premises, cover these bases first.