5 Business Processes Startup Owners Can Outsource

The obstacles for getting a startup business off the ground are many, but the biggest hurdle is usually maintaining a budget that will keep the company afloat in its infancy. One of the simplest solutions for keeping costs down is to outsource the lower priority processes. By doing so, the company’s focus can be directed towards more important tasks for greater efficiency.

Here are five such processes that you can afford to outsource to streamline your business’ operations and cut costs:

Email Marketing

1. Email Management

Email has a crucial role to play in disseminating the proper information throughout your company’s own network, and it has become more essential in building and maintaining business relationships.

Outsourcing the server and its management though relieves you of the expenses in hiring a dedicated IT staff, allows you and your employees to access it anywhere with an Internet connection for convenience, and even protects your data from unforeseen calamities that might happen in your local office.

2. Assistance in Organization

As a business owner of a start-up, you will feel obligated to oversee all the departments of your company to make sure everything is running smoothly. However, you will find yourself quickly overwhelmed by the many minute details you need to consider and the tasks that need to be done.

You can make that job easier by hiring a virtual assistant who will take care of the menial work of taking down notes, setting up meetings, reminding you of important commitments, etc.

3. Web Development

An official website has now become mandatory for businesses looking to establish an image of professionalism and modernity. However, it’s not enough that you have a website for the sake of having one, as a poorly constructed site can even hurt your business’ image.

Fortunately, there are many quality web developers and designers that make their services easily available online. You can find such talent from countries such as China, India, and the Philippines who will offer their assistance at reasonable rates.


4. Payroll

The intricacies of the payroll can be incredibly daunting for start-ups especially for those with no experience in accounting. It might even look easy in the beginning when you don’t have many employees, but growing the company will make calculating pay and filing taxes a nightmare.

Outsource your payroll to accounting experts who understand its complexities. It will help you avoid potential tax penalties, and guarantee that your workforce gets its due.

5. Data Entry

Simple data entry tasks are the tedious jobs that you shouldn’t bother spending too much money on to accomplish. Use your capital instead to invest in talent that can take your company to the next level doing work no one else can.

Outsource your data entry processes online where you can find such services for a more affordable price. Simple instructions will suffice, and you can expect your data to come out precise and organized.


For all the processes that are not relevant to the business’ core competencies and those that are mostly repetitive and take up too much time and resources, consider outsourcing to achieve maximum business efficiency and growth.