kids winter cloting

What should you bring for your child on a winter vacation ?

This is the time of year when it gets very cold and icy. However, this does not mean that you cannot have some fun. With proper preparation, you can keep your child warm and comfortable on a winter vacation while you have a great time. Here are some of the things you need to bring with you. The list includes boys pants and girls dresses, extra-warm coats, boots and protective gear, among others.

Layered Winter Clothing

The best way to keep the children warm throughout the day is to layer their clothing. This allows you to add or remove some clothing depending on the current conditions. The first layer can be long underwear and a cotton vest or t-shirt. These not only insulate the kid but also absorb any sweat to keep them comfortable.

You can go for fleece pajamas, turtlenecks, or fleece-lined sweaters for your second layer of clothing. If you go for the second option, get some lightweight boys pants or girls dresses for the bottom for ease of movement. Then, top off with a well-fitting snow suit. If the kid is potty training, pick the option that is easy to remove.

Extra Pairs of Wool Socks

Wool socks ensure that the feet are warm when the child gets outdoors. They are also absorbent and will keep the feet dry. Cotton socks are not thick enough to keep the child warm, even in the heavy snow boots. Have several pairs of these thick socks so that they can change at the end of the day.

Snow Boots

Get some good snow boots so that the kids are able to walk safely outdoors. If you bought the boots last season, let them wear them with the socks on before you go on vacation so that you are sure they will fit. Small kids grow rather fast and you may need new snow boots.

The ideal snow boots should have a thick outer sole with treads deep enough to help walk on wet, slippery ground. Their uppers should also be higher than the ankle so that they are able to cover the space between the length of their snow suits and the feet.

Mittens, Gloves, and Hats

You will need some waterproof mittens or gloves that are easy to put on and stay on. For small children, mittens are the best choice, as you do not have to work hard to put each finger in the right pouch.

Do not forget to keep the head warm. You can go for hats that come with a scarf as a single piece and those that cover up to the nostrils. They are easy to wear and stay in place as the child moves about. If the child will take part in snow games, you will also need to have a helmet to keep them safe.

Other items that you should not forget for your winter vacation include ski goggles, a lip balm, hand and foot warmers, and of course your camera to capture the great moments. Carry extra clothing just in case the kid soils some during the day.