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Top 10 Data Entry Software

Data entry software is amazing when it comes to saving hours on automating data entry tasks and customizing database. These are the biggest benefits that you can onboard by having any of these interactive data entry tools according to your business.

Here, let’s get started with a list of data entry software:


This tool Uipath is the best for on-premise data entry services, as it puts robotic process automation on work in the background. It is suitable for all kinds of businesses, allowing users to automate the whole business process. It offers the management console for enterprise process automation, together with a built-in template library that supports desktops and online platforms.


  • The robotic process automation solution allows you to create, deploy and administer automation in a company.
  • The UiPath Orchestrator end to end manages all automation tasks.
  • You can design workflow with some predefined data management rules in the business application in a flow chart.
  • In addition, you can integrate some more business applications like Salesforce, Google Apps and Microsoft applications.
  • You can also customise its templates using a built-in template library, which supports desktop and the internet.

ElectroNeek Studio IDE

This interactive data entry software offers an integrated development environment to enable desktop and browser automations without needing codes or low code tools. This Robotic Process Automation shows high integrity with desktop applications and web networks to work simultaneously.


  • For being able to integrate, it helps you to run automated databases over the web or on the system. Here, you can build, test and deploy Graphical User Interface (GIU)/ APIs/ No-APIs workflows.
  • With drag and drop interface where no code or low code blocks work at the backstage to develop web workflows ten times faster than Selenium.
  • Its scripts copy user actions on the GUI so that data entry of the repetitive or rule-based tasks can be automatically put with a workflow layout. You can record, edit and rewind whatever you want in the app.
  • You can build the replica of your web features using native Chrome and IE support. The feature of automcomplete forms, parse data, download documents or automating SaaS-based products is no challenge with it that needs no scripting.


This tool of data entry proves the best for physicians, small enterprises, clinics and hospitals that don’t want to spend too much of time on typing, but on patients’ health improvement. This software offers an auto-generated form that you can fill up with some keystrokes. It means that you can put a ton of information in a single form in a fast turnaround time accurately.


  • This software lets you improve the quality of medical data that is essential to have for infallibly comprehensive charts or medical analysis of patients.
  • The fill ups entries can be pulled just by typing abbreviations. So, you don’t need to spend many minutes to hours on searching a particular set of information.
  • You can have a great feature of autocompletion, which saves your precious time for feeding entries to the EMR systems. A touch of button can get the information that you need to know about.
  • Retrieving is another amazing feature that you can have with this tool.
  • If you want, image capturing is no big deal with it so that you can have visuals to integrate with reports for a deep analysis and accurate decision-making.

You can keep your templates and autocompletes with you even if you change your EMR or Clinic. They will always be accessible at the touch of a button.


This automation software is a blessing for accountants and bookkeeping staff members. Within a few minutes, they can automatically input entries in invoices, receipts, expenses and statements. It allows data extraction from documents and publishing them to a desirable database. If they need to open and control it from remote locations, it ensures accessibility on mobile devices via iOS and Android app support.


  • It is the best time-saving software for invoice data entry or any other purpose connected to finance and accounting like purchase order matching.
  • Its data extraction feature lets you to capture items and pushes them to the processing funnel where from you can publish and transfer data to a safe storage.
  • Scanning is another great feature incorporated with it, which enables capturing and scraping of valuable information from receipts and invoices to automated databases.
  • You can analyse the captured database anytime for deriving strategies, business intelligence and plans.


It is the best data entry software with cloud connectivity. You can publish online forms and create customers’ data collection. For marketing and recruitment purposes, it’s incredible. Its one-page per question format offers an amazing layout that is suitable for online survey data entry work. Besides you can get to a central dashboard, form builder supports and a lot more extraordinary features. If you need to expand the way it performs, it comes with the power to embed plugins and widgets.


  • The data entry companies can make survey or inquiry forms live over the internet for creating a massive collection about users.
  • Being infused with automated data collection feature, you can generate leads, collect order payments, conduct surveys, manage job applications and even, register guests for events.
  • You can have some built-in templates and themes for desirable multipurpose forms.
  • As it comes with a central dashboard, you don’t need to call data from different sources at a place for analyzing activities.
  • In addition, you can have many supportive features to make your form more interactive with emojis, icons, animations, video backgrounds and a lot more things.
  • The best part of this software is having plugins like PayPal, Google Drive, Dropbox, MailChimp, Box, OneBip, SalesForce and Zoho CRM. In addition, you can integrate widgets like checklists, image sliders, terms and conditions, date selections, tables and many more things.


This software is one of the most valuable automation tools that help in creating Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) forms. You can even get a variety of interactive features to make your data entry services more manipulative and secure. It is designed for all sizes of businesses, which need just dragging and dropping. Also, you can integrate these forms with websites for automatically collecting customers’ data to meet different purposes. Additionally, you become able to transfer data to CRM systems.


  • Being a cloud-based automated system, you can access & manage data from forms remotely.
  • It is amazing to automate registering for events, surveys and a lot more things.
  • You can automatically start getting alerts and notifications.
  • For security, it comes with the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) for encryption and social sharing.
  • With drag and drop feature, you can customise any interface corresponding to your requirements.
  • Shifting data for delegating tasks, mapping efficiency, analyzing and drawing decisions would be easy while automating workflows.


This unique data entry software is a product of the CPG industry, which suits the best to retail industry whereby data can be collected, organized and analysed for improving brand awareness & visibility via sales triggering strategies & decisions. The dashboard for managers is there together with a mobile application. Simply put, this software is amazing in terms of combining brands’ sales, back office work and in-store data analysis.


  • It is adaptive to iOS and android platforms.
  • Retailers can mine data models upon collecting, organizing and auditing the extracted databases of performance.
  • Managers can delegate tasks to the teams in the field through it effectively.
  • If want, the administrators or managers can call the archive data for customizing databases and auditing performance.
  • It is perfect for executing all operations of retail executions, which you can access on your mobile phone also.


Snappii a mobile application, which is capable for developing mobile forms. You can use it for data collection from anywhere with your convenience. Notes, images, drawings, export to PDF, excel report and many more things you can have for encouraging paperless forms, which can be edited & shared at any point of time.


  • Detect abbreviations.
  • De-duplication is possible.
  • You can retrieve data with it.
  • Data capturing and migration are easy to be done with it.
  • When it comes to verifying data entries, it is excellent.
  • The errors that are caused due to mis-keyed strokes can be identified.
  • With phonetic variation detection, you can meet infallibility in databases.


This Winautomation is also designed and developed to automate data entry work for small to large enterprises. The user company can easily install it on the desktop or if want, use it over the internet. It is an on-premise solution, which the Windows OS supports.


  • It has Software Robot Designer to create data processes.
  • You can drag and drop functions, besides using default ones.
  • Data handling is easy with, as you can control and parse data fields across the whole of databases.
  • Its desktop automation is capable of performing GUI based tasks, managing data and even, extracting them with tabs, menus and Windows.
  • A macro recorder is also there to record & automate mouse click and keystroke-based operations as an input for desktop applications.
  • For online support, it has Softmotive feature for ensuring consulting and execution services to companies that perform automation processes.


Docparser Convert PDFs, Word or scanned documents to data in any format with fast and easy setup… no technical skills or coding required.


Smart Layout Parsing Presets
Powerful Custom Parsing Rules
Extract Tabular Data
Smart Filters For Invoice Processing
Blazing Fast Processing
Powerful Image Preprocessing
Barcode and QR-Code Detection


Data entry services and software are discovered to digitise data while saving time, money and efforts. But their benefits are way more than these. You can collect, scrap and even, have a dashboard with smart data for deep analysis, which helps you in data mining and achieving breakthroughs that are valuable.