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The 5 Best Organic Foods for Babies

In order to give your baby the best start in life, it’s important to choose organic food that doesn’t contain harmful chemicals or additives that could have an impact on their health or development. Organic baby food tends to be made with fewer ingredients and more pure ingredients, so you can feel comfortable serving it to your little one. Here are the top five organic foods that are perfect for your baby from infancy all the way through toddlerhood.

1) Organic Meat and Poultry

Organic meat and poultry are some of the best choices for baby’s first foods. They are high in protein and nutrients, and they are free of antibiotics and hormones. Plus, they taste great! Here are few of the best organic meats and poultry for babies.

-Chicken: Chicken is a wonderful source of protein, B vitamins, and selenium. It is also an excellent choice because it has a mild flavor that most children enjoy.

-Beef: Beef is another excellent choice because it contains iron and zinc as well as several B vitamins.

-Turkey: Turkey provides the same benefits as chicken but with a slightly different flavor that kids usually love.

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2) Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Fresh fruits and vegetables are packed with nutrients that are essential for baby’s development. Plus, they’re a great source of fiber which can help with baby’s digestion. Some of the best organic fruits and vegetables for babies include: bananas, sweet potatoes, carrots, apples, and pears.

3) Eggs

Eggs are an excellent source of protein and contain many vitamins and minerals that are essential for baby’s development. Look for organic, free-range eggs that have been certified by a third party such as the American Humane Association. If you want to get your infant started on solid foods, eggs can be a great option. If you found your baby is not enjoying your homemade food you can try best baby formula for your baby.

Add raw or lightly cooked egg yolk to avocado, mashed banana or oatmeal in small quantities (1 tablespoon per serving).

You can also whisk together an egg with one tablespoon of water and microwave it until it reaches 160 degrees Fahrenheit (do not use this method if you plan to serve the egg to a child under 12 months old).

4) Dairy Products

Dairy products are some of the best organic foods you can give to your baby. They’re packed with nutrients like calcium and protein, which are essential for your baby’s growth and development. Plus, they’re a great source of probiotics, which can help support your baby’s digestive health.

5) Grains and Beans

Organic grains and beans are a great source of nutrition for babies. They are packed with fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals. Plus, they are easy to digest and can be a great first food for your little one. Quinoa is an excellent grain option as it contains more iron than other grains. Beans are also very healthy and contain folate, potassium, iron, zinc, and magnesium. Lentils have the most nutrients out of all the beans!

Quinoa is a perfect substitute for rice or pasta because it contains more calcium than rice does! Brown rice has more nutrients in general because it takes longer to cook which preserves more nutrients than white rice does.