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Playing games safely online: What should I avoid and what precautions can I take?

Although it is one of the most popular pastimes to have emerged in recent decades, from a security perspective, online games are not guaranteed to be completely safe.

The risks involved in playing games online come in various forms. Of these, the most pressing one relates to keeping your personal information safe online and out of the hands of those who might have unsavory uses for it. This has become more of a risk since games companies switched to new content delivery methods that require you to input personal financial information online. That is true where your game of choice relies on micro-transactions, which increases the opportunities for people to gain access to your personal data.

Thankfully, there are many things you can do to prevent this from happening, and even better still, many of them are relatively simple fixes!

Two-Factor authentication

One security feature that is offered by default these days on many gaming platforms is two-step or two-factor account verification. It is a step added to the log-in stage of playing an online game, which requires you to input some other information in addition to your password and username. This information is often sent to you via text or through a dedicated account authentication app. It adds a high level of protection to your account as your password and username will be useless without it, which makes it much less likely that a third party will be able to access your account.

Password management

Based on how often users get locked out of their accounts or they are broken into by third parties, password management is still a huge issue in account security! Unfortunately, not every website can offer the same level of protection as NJ Online Casino, who can send a unique 4-digit text message each time you log in and will ask you to set up security questions which allow you to easily change your password at any time.

Proper password security involves not only having a password that is ‘strong’ and uses a variety of numbers, letters, and symbols, but will also include rotating passwords or changing them entirely andregularly.  Frequent refreshing of your password can do a considerable amount to keep your safe online, particularly if it has previously been leaked online through a website breach – as was the case with the Ashley Madison data leak.

Only download from trusted sources When downloading online games to play, it is also incredibly important to ensure you are only downloading the games from trusted sources. There have been many recorded instances of users inadvertently downloading pirated or corrupted versions of games. They often contain malware and viruses, which then compromise the user’s personal information. To combat this, only download games through the game developer’s website or, even better still, through official app stores. Official app stores are a trusted source because all games uploaded to them will have to be tested and rated for safety as part of the verification process for getting accepted by the app store.