What Distinguishes The Good Boss From The Bad Boss?

Talking about bosses and if they are good or bad, always implies a certain subjectivity. What is good for someone does not have to mean the same for others. But it is true that from Human Resources, we must unify some general criteria, to understand what types of managers are the most successful, not so much in case we like them better or worse, but for the best results, strategic and personal.

Bosses and leaders

We have talked in various publications about what it can mean to be a boss and the different types, and it should not be confused with a leader. Colloquially we refer to that person on whom we depend hierarchically.

We have already mentioned previously that the boss, who has somehow arrived by imposing the post, will not assert it in the same way as the one who has done so through meritocracy and responsibility.

The former boss is already becoming somewhat obsolete, but we still see some reminiscences in various organizations. The good boss refers to a type of person who has not only reached that position and maintains himself. It is a set of skills that make that person be there on their own merits and achieve a better overall development of the company.

Managing a team of people, managing it, leading it, is based on a series of skills that directly impact the people who are on that team.

Skills of a good boss


The good boss of course is also a leader. It is that person who does not order, leads. And the one who leads is always ahead and reaches others through example. He knows how to get the best out of his team because he sees the talent of each one of them and knows how to generate the best synergies. Analyze needs and seek global success, not your own.


If you have the best team, you have to trust your team. If you don’t trust, consider what type of equipment you have. You have to trust each of them, because together, they will achieve the objective. Trusting means delegating and hoping themselves can propose improvements, alternatives and even make decisions for the benefit of the team.

This implies that not only do you have to trust them. They have to be able to do it with you. So you should give them that margin so they can talk to you, openly and without hesitation. Without that, your team will never get the best.

Decision making

A good boss is one who knows when and how to make decisions. You must have a broad and clear vision of everything that is happening, both in your team and in the rest of the company. That plus the desire for knowledge gives you the basis to have the right criteria to make the best decisions. It is not easy because many times you have to take certain risks, but the good boss knows how to cope with that pressure. This will also help you to manage the conflict.


One of the characteristics of the good boss is that they always want to know more, they always want to understand the why of things, they are curious. Their mental restlessness always makes them seek to be up-to-date, not stop learning and be close to people who continue to contribute. He who always wants to improve looks for how to do it, but he who believes that he does not need advice because he knows everything would never read this.


Nothing is built without a good communication base. The good boss has the skills to be able to reach others, dialogue, listen, and transfer goals and what is expected of everyone.

The team needs an environment where not only can they communicate, but also a boss who gives them feedback, who transfers what is happening in the company with transparency and honesty. It is the way in which everyone will feel calm and in an open space to be them. And they will also help you to make the best decisions for the benefit of all.

Emotional intelligence

Knowing your team, getting closer and understanding their personal situations, does not make you a friend. Many bosses shy away from trying to listen to the team for fear of looking like they want to be friends. The idea is to transmit a pleasant balance, where people can feel comfortable and confident.

The dialogue and good atmosphere are what will make it work more effectively. And this is also achieved by integrating people, leaving them to be and involving them in the project, giving them a voice so that they can help in the process or make improvements.


The good boss is never far behind. He is interested in innovation and new technologies. He knows how to take advantage of all the good things about new applications and digital tools to be much more productive. It focuses on the human part, so that technology makes work easier. He is someone who seeks to keep up to date and encourages new ideas to improve in the team.

Surround yourself with the best

Knowing how to see the talent of others and wanting to be around them is one of the best skills. The ego makes many bosses not want to have people around them who know more than they do about something and for fear that they will end up taking away their positions. The good boss will always have them on his team. They contribute and make the group grow.

Not only will it bring out the best in them, it will help them develop and grow professionally. It will motivate them to tell you how you can even improve yourself to favor them and the team.


We must value the effort, the daily work and all the commitment that the rest of the team has with the company and the project. It is very important that everything that is done is not taken for granted. Recognizing is one of the factors that most inject motivation in team members. And you, are you a good boss? Have you been curious to get here to recognize everything you do have and everything you can improve on?