The Truth About The United States Of America

As everybody knows, Donald Trump was recently elected as the 45th President of the United States. I am very happy about the result for many reasons, but the most important reason is that we finally have someone in office that isn’t a politician.

I know what you might be thinking, “Why would we want someone leading our country with no political experience?”

The answer, is because political experience is not a positive attribute. Political experience is a fancy word for lies and corruption.

Unfortunately, the US Government has been completely corrupt for many years now, as they designed a system to take an exorbitant amount of money from the common folk, and deposit it into their own bank accounts.

What’s even worse, is that the system is also designed for the common folk to have no idea what is going on. The average American citizen thinks they live a “privileged” life, when in fact they are some of the most poor and unhappy people in the entire world.

Why did they design this system you might ask? Because power is an addicting drug.

Anyone who is given an enormous amount of power is only going to have one goal that’s worth fulfilling, to get more of it. Heck, if you or me were in a high position in government, we’d probably be corrupt too.

It’s kind of like in The Lord of The Rings, where only Frodo, is the only one that everyone trusts to take good care of the ring and not let greed overcome him.

However, Frodo still succumbs to the power of the ring right before he has the chance to destroy it and save Middle Earth.

If you’ve never seen The Lord of The Rings before, it’s one of the best movies ever made, and it teaches a lot of valuable lessons. Mainly, it shows what happens when power gets abused and greed takes over.

Another good example about power is how romantic relationships are handled. Whoever has the most power in the relationship, is the one that will dictate the entire course of the relationship. It’s important not to have too much power though, as you will eventually end up abusing it like I did.

Anyway, let me now dive a little deeper on what the US Government has falsely taught you to believe, and how it has ruined our country over the past few decades.

The Lies They’ve Told You

Alright, before I start, I think it’s important to have a very open mind here. If you’ve never heard or thought about this kind of stuff before, it can be very shocking at first.

I remember when I first realized how the world works about a year ago in late 2015, I abruptly dropped out of college with one semester left.

I’m not recommending you do that, I’m just here to tell the truth.

To start, every kid at a very young age is taught to put their dreams on the back burner, and focus on getting good grades in school so that they can get into a good college, and subsequently get a good job.

To be fair, this lie isn’t all bad, as it is important for kids to focus on early education instead of getting into drugs and becoming criminals.

However, the lie really gets bad during the last few years of high school.

All the local colleges come to your school, and sell their “amazing” made-up degree programs with promises that you’ll land a good job studying art history, gender studies, and zoology.

They tell you that if you don’t go to college you’ll be a loser. They say that you’ll end up at McDonald’s flipping hamburgers.

As I’m sure you have seen by now, a very high amount of college graduates are flipping hamburgers right next to the high school graduates.

The reason is because traditional jobs are going on the decline. With all of these new technological advances, we now have robots that can do work faster and more efficiently than humans can.

Hell, most people won’t even be able to get a job flipping burgers pretty soon.

Why doesn’t the Government tell you this?

Because they want to keep as many people in debt as they possibly can.

Making people pay huge sums of interest who don’t have anywhere near the financial means to ever pay it off, is how the richest Americans keep getting richer, and how the poorest keep getting poorer.

Most people graduate college with $100,000 in debt, and then when they can’t find a job, they go and take out another $100,000 loan to get another degree!

The banks are ecstatic to do this, as they know that you’re going to be paying them a massive amount of interest for the rest of your life.

And then after college, the media and pop culture tells you that the next step in life is to get married and buy a house, another huge loan you will have to take out which will add to your mountain of interest payments.

Then you’ll be working 40+ hours a week at a job that you hate, just so that you can pay off your previous debt, while at the same time you’re maxing out your credit cards to fill your house with stupid things that you don’t need, as it’s the only sort of satisfaction that you can receive in your miserable wage slave life.

I briefly experienced this during my internship in college, where I would come home exhausted, eat dinner, and then get high and watch Netflix before I had to wake up the next morning and do it all over again.

I also ordered a bunch of shit on Amazon every weekend so I’d have something to look forward to during the week.

It was an awful way to live, and sadly, that’s how most American’s live their whole lives.

Furthermore, that brings me to my next point, which is that the Government wants to keep you unhappy.

This causes you to rely more on the Government (and vote Democrat), while spending every last penny you have. This overspending is a drug that people are addicted to, which they do in order to relieve the hopelessness they feel on a daily basis.

The majority of the population never experiences any longterm happiness, while wasting their lives away on a plethora of different screens, being served ads 24/7 for them to buy more useless shit.

And then the Government and the Media keeps you loyal by telling you that the US is the richest country in the world, with the most opportunity. This statement is true, but it doesn’t tell you the whole story.

The United States controls the most wealth out of any other country in the world at 42%, but that wealth is also controlled by the smallest amount of people compared to any other country.

The reason why the US is so “rich”, is because the majority of the population is so poor. Basically, the Government designed a system where the very top percent makes an insane amount money, by lying to and manipulating the rest of the population.

And the reason the US is the country with the most opportunity, is not the way you think it is. It’s because the US has the largest population of brainwashed zombie slaves to sell products and services to, which they don’t NEED.

That’s why everyone wants to start a business in the US. Everyone wants to target American’s for this exact reason. No other country in the world can even compare to the blatant consumerism and mindless overspending, that American’s are accustomed and addicted to.

Final Thoughts

Well guys, there you have it – that is the truth of how the United States operates. I don’t like it, and I wish things were different, but it is the truth.

When I first realized this in 2015, I was scared. I was scared because basically no-one else in the US will ever see the reality.

Most people will live and die, without ever understanding how they’ve been manipulated.

It’s sad because once you realize this, you won’t be able to relate to most people anymore. Your family, your friends, you won’t be able to see things the same way as them.

If you try to tell people this, they will laugh in your face. The reason is because they’ve been brainwashed for so long, it’s literally impossible for them to escape and see the light.

The only way for them to see the truth, is if they are actively searching for it. It’s exactly like the Red and Blue Pill in the Matrix.

But hey, don’t just take my word for it. Go out and experience life. Think, learn, and grow, and you will eventually see it on your own.

Remember guys, the government is not your friend, it is a business. The media is not real, it is a business. Colleges aren’t teaching you anything of importance, they are businesses.

Why is personal finance, arguably the most important skill you can learn, not a mandatory class in high school? Do you think it’s some kind of crazy coincidence?

I’d like to end this piece with the fact that you are not bound by the US borders. You can, and should leave at least for a few months. I knew it was something I needed to do, and it’s been the best decision I’ve ever made.

I’ve only lived in Thailand for 3 weeks, and I’ve already experienced some pretty amazing things. It’s like a fog has been lifted from my mind.

Experiencing how the Thai people live compared to American’s has been extremely rewarding. They live on about $5 USD a day, and I have yet to meet one that is unhappy. They are all incredibly nice, and it’s just the complete opposite of the States.

I can never see myself living in the US again, and I think if more people took the plunge, they would feel the same way.

Drop me a comment below with your thoughts on the article, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Catch ya next week – Brian.