Make A Checklist

While I normally shit on iPhones and what they’ve done to society, there are some very useful things you can do on them.

One thing that I started doing about 6 months ago has been absolutely huge.

I started making a checklist of everything I had to do each day of the week.

I used to use the Calendar app, but it was too complicated as it makes you add in unnecessary details. You also can’t view everything you have to do in an easy way.

Inspired by Brandon Carter, I started writing down my daily schedule in the Notes app.

I would write down every day of the week, and then write down different events in order of priority.

Here’s an example of what it would look like:


  • Fulfill orders
  • Email Bob
  • Call Jim
  • Go to the Doctor


  • Work on Store
  • Gym
  • Email Pete


  • Drum
  • Go to Joe’s house


  • Work on Store
  • Gym
  • Consult


  • Call Ryan
  • Dinner with Mom


  • Write L2W post
  • Party


  • Meeting
  • Publish L2W post
  • Gym
  • Consult


When you first start to do this, put down everything. When you eat, when you shower, etc. Also if one of these has a specific time, write the time next to your event.

And after you finish each event, write a little checkmark next to each one. Once you’ve done everything, delete the whole day from your note.

On Sunday, write down all the days of the week again and make a schedule for the upcoming week.

Immediately after I started doing this, my productivity skyrocketed. I was doing more in one day than I used to do in a whole week. I was doing more in a week than I used to do in a month.

I was doing more in a month than I used to do in a year. 

I became obsessed with being productive, and I was always in my Checklist throughout the day. I would be adding new things, checking things off, etc.

And the best part about this whole thing, was that after I finished all my tasks for the day, I would want to do more. I would crave for something important to do.

Back when I was a kid, I used to love just watching TV in bed all day. Now, I physically can’t watch TV. I’m disgusted by the idea of it.

I can no longer just “hang out”, aka do nothing. I always want to do more.

I can’t guarantee the same thing will happen to you, because it’s all up to whether you decide to commit to your schedule.

But if you do commit, you will see significant increases in your productivity.

Here’s another video by Brandon Carter that you absolutely need to watch. Be  completely honest with yourself. If you are full of shit, accept it and change.


Another huge benefit that comes with the iPhone, are the podcasts.

I’ve been listening to podcasts for about a year, and they have made an incredible impact on my life.

You can learn about literally anything in the world and you don’t really have do anything. You just put some headsets in your ears.

Long car rides, flights, and even work, become something to look forward to.

Pick a few topics you want to learn about, and search them in the podcast search box. Subscribe to a few in each topic and then listen to a random episode to see if you like that particular podcast.

Narrow your podcasts down to 3-6 that you love to listen to, (one for each topic you want to learn about).

After that just start listening. Any chance you get to learn something useful while you can do other things at the same time, is a no-brainer.


Final Thoughts

Like I said before, most of the apps on the iPhone are a complete waste of time. But Notes and Podcasts are super beneficial to your everyday life.

Let me know if you use these apps already, and if you’re reading this in the future, let me know how much more productive you’ve become!

That’s it for tonight guys – start the new year off right!