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How To Turn A Girl On (By Doing The Opposite)

Do you want to really learn how to turn a girl on? The secret to getting an abundance of pussy is revealed in this exclusive article. Hint: do the opposite.

As a kid I used to know next to nothing about girls, but over the past few years I’ve experienced and observed a lot of hidden truths. Now I know more about girls than they know about themselves.

By reading the title, I bet you thought that this article is about how to hook up with a girl. It is indirectly, but directly I offer a very different approach.

I’ve previously wrote about how you have to look good and beat your anxiety to start getting girls, and that still remains true.

But there’s a huge hidden element that most guys don’t take advantage of and that is psychology.

Psychology is the number #1 thing you need to master to get good with girls.

I’ll go far as saying Game = Psychology.

People always say “I don’t play games.” And their usually referring to not responding to texts/taking forever to respond to make the other person worry.

That’s the game! That’s where the term “Game” was derived from.

Game is not fancy pick-up lines or PUA opinion openers.

Game is Psychology. 

To make things easier to understand, our natural instinct when it comes to girls is wrong.

  • When a girl gives us little attention, we ask, “What’s wrong?”
  • When a girl ignores our text, we start blowing up their phones.
  • When a girl shows interest in us, we show too much interest back.

Our natural instinct is wrong in that reacting how we naturally would, causes girls to lose attraction towards us. It’s nothing they can control or are even aware of, it happens subconsciously for a bunch of different reasons that I’ll talk about a little later.

Now, if every natural instinct we have is wrong, then the opposite must be right.

“If every instinct you have is wrong, then the opposite, would have to be right.”

I’ve put Seinfeld clips on here before and I will do it again. Not only is Seinfeld the funniest show ever made, it’s also the smartest. Just by watching the show you can learn everything about social situations and excruciating minutia that isn’t talked about anywhere else.

And yes this clip might be exaggerated, but doing the opposite of your natural instinct when the past has proven it to be wrong, will work. You will definitely get better results than sticking to the your same natural instincts.

Even Albert Einstein said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Turn The Girl On

Now, let me give you some real life examples that will have girls gain attraction towards you instead of losing it. These might seem hard to believe, but the opposite will literally turn them on and make them wet.


1. Don’t Remember Them

One of my favorite tricks to use is to pretend not to remember them. This can be used in any situation a girl comes up to you and initiates a conversation with you.

Lets say at you’re at the bar and a girl comes up to you and says “Hey, remember me from last year, we chilled with you and your friends one night.”

Instead of getting all excited like most guys would, you say, “Really? When?”

And then she’ll go on and explain and then you can say, “Oh ya, I think I might remember.”

Consciously in her head she’ll be like wtf how does he not remember me, and subconsciously she’ll be attracted to you because it shows you talk/hangout with a lot of people. If you don’t remember her then you must be doing a lot of fun shit!

This makes her feel uncool compared to you, which is exactly what you want her to feel.

2. Stop Taking Numbers

Keeping up with the story above, say the girl at the bar is expecting you to get her number. In fact, she’s subconsciously dreading it because that’s what everyone else does.

Instead of asking for it, just say, “Well hey, I got to go say hi to some friends over there. I’ll catch you later.” (Start walking).

After seeing your not interested in her like she thought, she will say, “Wait, take my number!”

To which you say “Nah, you can take mine.”

She’ll be thrilled and will type it in, double checking with you to make sure she got it right because this kind of disinterest never happens to her. She loves being undesired.

3. Start Flaking On Them

Now you guys have plans to hang out. Instead of texting her every few hours to confirm the date is still on, and thus totally drying up her pussy, you will not text her anything before the date. Whoever texts first loses. If she texts you asking about it, tell her that something came up and you’ll have to cancel. Don’t say anything about rescheduling.

If she doesn’t text you, don’t text her anything and just go about your day.

This will either tell her that A. you totally forgot about it, or B. you just didn’t care. Both of which will cause her to severely worry about herself. And once again, this is what you want them to feel.

Your goal should be to collect a whole bunch of different girls that can’t figure you out. You want to be the most confusing guy in the world, where she’s talking to all her friends wondering why the fuck you won’t hang out with her. “But, I thought he liked me!”

4. Say You Don’t Like Blowjobs

And lastly, my personal favorite, telling her you don’t like blowjobs. This one I actually discovered by accident, because I honestly don’t like blowjobs. I’m weird I know.

I was chilling with a girl and I told her this and she said, “That’s probably cause you’ve never got a good one, I give the best blowjobs.”

I said, “No, it’s not the girls, it’s me. I just can’t cum from them.”

To which she said, “I’ll make you cum”, and started doming me up.

5 minutes later I pulled her head up telling her that it wasn’t doing anything for me.

Her face dropped. I just rocked her whole world. I owned her. She was mine now.

You see, subconsciously, girls love to not be good enough. They want their man to be superior to them in every way imaginable. They want to be dominated, both in and out of the bedroom.


Final Thoughts

These are just few of thousands of different examples where the opposite can benefit your “game”. Pretty much any situation where your natural instinct says one thing, just do the opposite. You will have much better results.

And please don’t think that this stuff is “mean”. Girls do much meaner things all the time. Or, “I can’t do this stuff, I’m too nice.” 

You can’t be a nice guy if you want to be successful with girls. It’s much better to be a douchebag than to be a loser. 

The faster you start using the power of the opposite, the faster you’ll become the man you’ve always wanted to be.

To wrap things up, some girls operate exclusively on the opposite, and this number will continue to rise. Because of all the thirsty behavior they receive, the less attention you give them, the more attention they will give you. You cannot do anything with them that would be procured by your natural instinct. You will disgust them and lose them forever.

I have a friend that whenever I flake on her, she hits me up first all the time. But when I talk to her too much, she will flake on me. I wish girls didn’t have to be like this, but this is the game!

There’s nothing you nor I can do about it. You can either play the game and get results, or go use fancy pickup lines and look like an idiot. It’s your choice.