How To Throw A Dorm Party

Brodies. Tonight marks Part 5 of our series on How To Have A Killer College Social Life. This topic is pretty much non-existent on the internet and rarely utilized in real life. It’s one of the most useful techniques you can use in college to make friends/get popular. The topic of course, is throwing a dorm party. I’ve done it a lot recently and it has yielded massive results.

In case you missed it, Part 4 went over Dorms and Roommates.


Step 1: Start Pre-gaming with some Friends/Roommates in your Dorm

This step isn’t too difficult. All you really have to do is make sure you have a lot of alcohol, cups, and a loud speaker.

Just start drinking with your friends to get nice and buzzed.

This might be harder if you live in a Freshman hall because of RA’s, so in that case try to keep the noise level down.

But if you live in an on/off campus apartment, you can get pretty wild with no consequences.


Step 2: Walk Down the Halls and Knock on Everyone’s Door

This is the important part.

At about 10PM, you and two or three of your friends are going to leave your room, and start walking down the halls of your dorm/apartment.

You will then knock on every single door and invite whoever answers to your party.

PS: Your friends will probably not want to do this at first because they will have anxiety about the situation.

All you need to say is, “Stop being a pussy, I do this all the time and it works.”

Even if you’ve never done this before, your friends need to have confidence in you. If your not 100% leading the group, then it won’t work and they won’t want to do it.

Now if you have anxiety about the situation, I actually have done this a bunch of times and trust me it will work provided you do a few things:

  • Look good
  • Be energetic
  • Bring the right friends 

It’s very important that you are well dressed and look like you’re part of the “in crowd”. Looks matter – a lot. But I’m sure you guys know that by now.

You also need to have a very fun and energetic vibe. The pre-game alcohol you’ve already drank will massively help with this. If you really need an extra boost, use some Kratom beforehand.

And don’t worry, I will give you all the specific details on how to invite the people to your party in Step 3.

Lastly, your friends need to follow these rules too. Your friends are a direct representation of you and if you bring awkward or nerdy friends, people will assume you’re uncool.

Some additional things to know:

If you do this by yourself – No-one will show up

If you do this with friends who are awkward – Maybe a few will show up

If you do this with friends who are cool – A good amount will show up

If you do this with at least 1 girl – A lot of people will show up

I’m sure you guys can guess why doing this by yourself won’t work. Even if your the coolest guy ever, people will assume your a weirdo loser with no friends. They won’t come to your party.

And doing it with awkward friends is no better. Even if you manage to get a few people to come to your party, your friends won’t know how to socialize at a party and your guests will then become awkward themselves. They will quickly leave.

You will start having success when you bring a group of cool friends with you. People will assume that you guys know how to throw a good party, and most of the doors you knock on will come.

It’s also very important to only bring 2-3 people with you. If you bring a huge group of people to the door, people will be intimated and scared to talk to so many strangers at once. They likely won’t come to the party because of their own anxiety.

Finally, if you want to get really good results, bring a girl with you in the group. The hotter she is the better. And the more girls you bring the better. Obviously every guy who answers the door will come. But even better, every girl who answers the door will see you as cool enough to have girls as friends. It’s like having access to a forbidden city.

Step 3: Invite them to the Party

I said before that you should invite everyone that answers the door to the party. I lied.

If you knock on the door and a group of fatties/group of nerdy guys answer, lie and say that you just moved in and wanted to meet everyone in the building. You don’t want these people at your party because when other cool kids come up they will leave when they see the quality of your guests. This might seem mean, but hey – kill or be killed.

But every other door you knock on you’re going to invite them to your party. Don’t be too picky.

What to Say:

Once you’re at the door of an apartment, knock and wait for 10 seconds. If you don’t hear anything try again one more time and wait 10 seconds again.

If no-one answers, no problem move onto the next one. The show obviously begins when someone answers the door.

And if you want the interaction to go well – you must have a great delivery. The delivery is key for getting people to come to your party.

You have to be all smiles and always have something to say. Don’t make any long silences. And make sure your friends are involved in the convo too.

To start, say, “Hey, I know this is pretty random but we just moved here and we’re having a little welcome party. You should come.”

Then you and your friends are going to introduce yourselves and exchange pleasantries with the person. The person’s roommates will likely come to the door to see what is going on and you will introduce yourselves to them too.

Everyone will then small talk for a few minutes about the school, where they’re from, what their major is, etc.

Then just transition back to the details about the party.

There are some very important phrases that you should say to the person:

  • “We want to meet everyone in the building.”
  • “No-one there will know each other.”
  • “A lot of other people in the building are coming.”
  • “We have a lot of alcohol and BeerPong ready to go.”
  • “Bring your friends, anyone is welcome.”

The most important one of these is “no-one there will know each other”. Like I said before, most people have a decent amount of anxiety in a situation like this and wouldn’t be comfortable coming if everyone else already knew each other. You have to phrase it like you’re bringing the whole building together and everyone is going to become best friends.

Nevertheless, you should still sprinkle in all these phrases throughout the conversation.

And finally to conclude the convo – “Come up in 15 minutes. We’re room # _____.”

Most people who answer will be super excited and will agree to come. However, don’t be surprised when not everyone who agrees shows up. Once again, it’s most likely their anxiety of meeting new people. It’s not you, its them.

And then you’ll also have some people who are busy with some other shit. No worries, just say that you’ll see them around and to come say hello some other time.

Funny Story – A group of girls me and some friends did this on last year said they we’re busy, but the next night came to knock on our door to invite us to their party, saying they stole our idea!

Lastly, don’t stress about the 15 minutes thing. No-one will come up that fast and knock on your door when your still knocking on other people’s doors. It’ll usually be like an hour for them to get ready and be “fashionably late”.

You can also have your other friends who didn’t come on your little party invite mission, already in your room ready to let people in if you’re not back yet.

In terms of how many doors to hit, you should aim for the entire building. Along with everything else in life, this is a numbers game. You have to play the percentages if you want to get results.

You’re never going to get more than 50% of doors who answer to come. You’re likely going to get around 25%, which is still very good.

Step 4: The Dorm Party

Once you get back to your room, turn the music up and resume drinking with your friends. Text any other people you know to come as well.

People will eventually start coming up and you should introduce everyone who hasn’t already met.

Once you have a lot people at your party, more people will naturally come from hearing the noise, and texting their other friends to come.

Like I’ve said in the past, the difference between a good party and a great party relies on one factor; how drunk everyone gets. 

Start up the BP table by grabbing your friend or a hot chick and challenging two other kids. Be loud and have fun with it. Also, try to stay up there as long as possible (keep winning) to keep the spotlight on you. You’ll also get a bunch of people wanting to play next game to try and beat you. This situation makes for a great party atmosphere.

If BP starts to die down or you notice too many people watching on the sidelines, It’s time to play flip cup. If you don’t know what flip cup is, Wikipedia is your friend.

Flip cup is good because it involves a greater number of people and is a very quick way to get the party in full blast.

Once everyone is nice and drunk (including yourself) you won’t have to think about what to do. Everything will just happen naturally.

People will be stumbling, people will be slurring their words, people will be hooking up. It’s a magical time. 

However, I don’t recommend you pursuing girls at this party unless one shows serious interest. You want to make this party about making as many friends as possible.

End the night with a whole bunch of new phone numbers with plans to hang out in the future.

Final Thoughts

One thing I didn’t mention earlier is that this ‘knock on random door’ strategy can only be used sparingly. This can only be done during the first two weeks of school. The week before school starts, and the first week of classes.

The week before school starts you can do this any night of the week, but the first real week of school you should only do this on Friday or Saturday.

You can also only do this once per location. You can only knock on random doors at one specific apartment complex for the entire school year.

For example, you can do one at your apartment complex and then at your friends places that live at other complexes.

Obviously the reason you can’t do this more than once per apartment complex per year, is because it will look like the first party you threw wasn’t successful and you will look like a loser. It would not work again on random doors that you’ve already hit.

And of course – you can still throw parties in your dorm/apartment during the year, but it will have to be from people you already know. Random people will not be down to party with you after they’ve already made all their friends.

Alright guys, that’s it for tonight.

Take advantage of this dorm party technique when school starts and you’ll be on the right track for the entire year. Just make sure you get it right the first time!

Your friends will also think you’re a genius after you pull off a successful party with random kids. They will all be talking about how you made something out of nothing. Most people can’t create, but you can with this strategy. You make new friends, they make new friends – everyone wins.

Try this out in the next coming weeks and let me know how it goes!