How To Know If You Like A Girl

How To Know If You Like A Girl (Instead Of Just Wanting Sex)

As I grow closer to my Thai girlfriend, I began thinking how different it is when you actually like a girl instead of just wanting sex.

Having a real relationship will make you 1000% times happier, and I think it’s important to know which girls you should actually take seriously.

Unfortunately, you’ll only run into a girl you like once every few years (if you’re lucky), so you have to take these opportunities to the fullest.

So without further adieu, here’s three ways to know that you actually like a girl.

1. You Don’t Care About Sex

The first and most obvious way to know that you like a girl, is that sex is no longer your main priority. And this holds true for both other girls, as well as the girl you are seeing.

When you actually like a girl, other girls won’t do anything for you. You could see a bunch of different girls on the side, but you won’t feel as happy as with the original girl that you like. Therefore, it’s stupid to keep fucking around just to feel like you’re cool.

In addition, you won’t even care about sex with the girl you like. Of course you’ll still like it, but you won’t always be thinking about it like you would otherwise.

For example, when you’re with a new girl or a fuckbuddy – you always have to think about how many times you have to make her cum so that she actually remembers you.


I’ve also noticed during my years, that if sex is the most important part of the relationship, then you’re using it as a crutch because you don’t actually like the girl as much as you think.

With my first serious girlfriend in college, we used to have sex at least three times a day. For the first year together it was great, but it started to get old. I started to realize that I liked the sex more than her.

If you ever realize that that’s the case with your girlfriend, end it as soon as possible.

2. You Start Talking Like Them / Re-Reading Text Convos

The second way to know that you like a girl is when you notice yourself using similar language and mannerisms that they often do.

Imitation is highest form of flattery, and if you actually like the girl, this will start happening naturally.

Similarly, if you find yourself re-reading text convos with said girl just to put a smile on your face, that is a huge sign that you like her.

3. You Don’t Care About Playing Games

Lastly, the final way you know that you actually like the girl, is if you don’t care about playing games.

Normally with girls you don’t like, you’d always have to manage your response times and general interest levels, or else they would lose attraction towards you and move on to a new guy to fuck.

With a girl that you like and also likes you back, all bullshit goes out the window.

You’ll also care about sometimes putting their needs ahead of your own. For example, I normally would stay up all night working with the light on, but when she’s sleeping over, I make it more comfortable for her.

Final Thoughts

Well there you have it, these three things are huge indicators that you actually like a girl.

However, you have to be mindful that most guys start to like a girl before the girl likes them back.

Therefore, you still have to run game until you are absolutely certain that she likes you at least as much (preferably more), than you like her.

Alright guys, that’s it for tonight.

Do you experience any similarities or differences when you like a girl? Let me know what you think in the comments section below, and be sure to vote in the poll.

Catch ya next time – Brian