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How to Create a Cozy Family Room

In the modern world that we live in it is easier than ever before to connect with others, even if they are on the other side of the world. However, when combined with the ridiculous amount of technology and entertainment at our fingertips, this can prevent us from spending quality time with the people we are physically closest to. If you are feeling that it is harder and harder to connect with your family, it may be time to make some practical changes by creating a family room.

The difficult part of creating a family room that will be used by everyone is that it needs to be a multifunctional space, but one where everyone wants to be at the same time. This article has some great starter tips to help you create a cozy family room.

Use seating to create zones

There has been an interior design trend in recent years which celebrated open-plan spaces, and while they can be great for spacious living, they do not do much to bring people together. Of course, a family room needs to have enough space for everyone, but there is a solution. Try to create zones in the room, each of which has a different purpose. For example, you could bring in a corner sofa that segments an area for relaxing, and a table where games can be played, or arts and crafts enjoyed.

A giant bean bag chair is ideal as a more informal seating option or somewhere to relax with a book at story time. Remember, it is often best to choose upholstery that will withstand plenty of wear and tear and resist stains.

Use lots of cozy fabrics

No room can be called truly cozy if it is not filled to the brim with layers and layers of soft fabrics. Throws, cushions, rugs, and drapes are the perfect way to bring texture, warmth, depth, and color to a room. You could also go for a deep carpet for softness under the feet, but hard flooring may be easier to keep clean.

Choose a soft rug

If you do go for hard flooring, a brightly colored and soft rug can help to add more coziness to the room as well as some more color. Alternatively, rugs can be displayed on walls to add texture and act as a sound absorber which can be a big help when the family fun gets too loud.

Pick warm lighting

The lighting that you choose will make a big difference to the atmosphere in the room. Avoid bright and cold lightbulbs in favor of warmer, golden tones. You could install a dimmer switch to adjust the strength of the lighting depending on the activity or opt for several table and floor lamps rather than relying on a single ceiling light. Depending on the age of your children, candles or a roaring fireplace will create the ultimate feeling of coziness.

Install plenty of storage

Your family room is likely to be a busy place with lots of toys, books, crafts, and other items ending up in there. It is worth investing in plenty of storage so that you can put bits away as needed, especially if you want to use the room for relaxation after the children have gone to bed.