Hospitality Industry

Data Analytics in the Hospitality Industry

For the past five years, artificial intelligence has been dominating the business world. Everything has been digitalized, and that’s only natural. We are all connected to the Internet at all times. Either by being on our desktops or our mobile phones, we are online. Being connected gives out signals and data about our activity. And, we all love Googling things that interest us. This gives all businesses an advantage. They already know what we want, the only thing left is to present it to us in a beautiful way.

Big data is used by almost every company, and it’s starting to make its way into the hospitality industry as well. The way to do this is by using predictive analysis. So, how does this work exactly? Well, it’s really simple. Imagine you went to a hotel, and you want to enjoy a morning coffee with one spoon of sugar. And, you also get an excellent service from it and leave a review. Predictive analysis will customize everything for you the next time you go there. It will make your stay perfect everywhere you go. But, there are also a few more things that can be done. Click here to read more.

Natural language processing

This may sound like something from the movies, but AI can understand what you are saying. But, nothing to worry about since you’ve already used it. It’s a technology used in chatbots. So, instead of calling reception and asking for something, you can just type it in an app. Or you can just say it to the bot. These apps will gather info about what you like and what you don’t like. Based on that, there will be customized deals for you in the town you are visiting.

For example, if you are traveling with a spouse and you want to enjoy a lovely brunch when you’re going, the restaurant nearby can provide you a buy one get one free discount. The chatbot searches for those kinds of deals and presents them to you. It’s still a bit rudimentary, but it will get sophisticated really fast. The main goal for hotels would be for their guests to ask an AI what’s happening around town, and then getting a personal recommendation. Along with tickets and the opportunity to buy them at a discounted price. You can check out Messina Consulting if you want to know more.

Robots that will cater to your every need

Hospitality Industry

Since everyone is oriented to make life more digital, many hotels are bringing in robots. First of all, they will automate the inefficient experience we all experience as soon as we go in. That’s the check-in and the check-out process. Imagine how easy it would be if you do everything through an app. You go in, you get a key for your room, and after your stay, you leave and tap on the app. This would be incredibly efficient and be trendy as well. Airbnb hosts have been using this tactic, and the rest of the hospitality industry needs to catch up.

Now, the best part about the future is robots. Everyone is looking forward to them, and they are incredibly fun. A few hotels in San Francisco have them delivering toiletries, food, and drinks. As soon as people saw what was going on, everyone started ordering. That’s the power of bringing in a novelty. And the robots themselves are pretty sophisticated. They don’t bump into furniture, and they know how to use elevators. The transition period is about to start, and everything needs to be safe and friendly, so all people accept the technology. Here’s more info:

Smarter pricing

This will be a massive deal for the business. Many e-commerce stores nowadays create exclusive bundles personalized for a single customer. That’s what hotels are striving for too. And here, the main deal is the price. Each guest may have a customized estimate based on the availability of rooms in the town, their past experiences, and of course, their willingness to pay. This will be done according to data from people searching online. Amazingly, people will get updates on when to book holidays months in advance and save a ton of money. Nobody knows what the future holds, but it will definitely get better.