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Back Pain, Neck Pain or Recurring Headaches? Here’s How a Chiropractor Can Help

Back pain and neck pain are some of the most common reasons given when calling in sick to work – and a huge proportion of the population suffers from regular headaches and migraines. It’s clear, then, that these issues can cause real problems in our day to day lives. While those suffering debilitating or constant pain in any of these areas should make a visit to the GP their first port of call in case of serious underlying issues, many problems of this kind can be resolved by way of a visit to the chiropractor.

So, how can a specialist of this kind help with pain, stiffness or swelling in these areas?

Back Pain

A great deal of back pain cases can be traced to a slight misalignment of the spine. This can be resolved with a few simple adjustments and manipulations – practices that chiropractors undertake every day. Other issues may include hip misalignment – which can be treated in the same way – as well as disc herniation or joint degeneration. A chiropractor will work with you to determine the cause of your issue, then put together a tailored approach towards resolving the problem. This approach may include certain lifestyle changes, such as improving your posture while at work.

Neck Pain 

Neck pain is also commonly caused by spinal issues – so a chiropractor can make adjustments that will help to relieve your discomfort. The issue may also be caused by overusing your smartphone or other device, sleeping in a bad position or having poor posture. Of course, other factors such as sports injuries and whiplash may also play a part. Similarly to those suffering from back pain, individuals suffering from neck problems should also pay a visit to a chiropractor. The specialist will help to develop the best method possible to help relieve your conditions.  This may include suggestions regarding a change of mattress or pillow, as well as exercises and spinal adjustments.


Regular headaches are often worrying, but, much of the time, they occur as a result of tension elsewhere in the body, or spinal misalignments that affect the nerves. Other possible causes include eye strain, dehydration, stress and hormones. Your chiropractor will carefully consider what may have caused your problems, and use a combination of physical manipulation, exercise and advice to help you prevent future pain. Remember, contact your GP if you have strong headaches regularly, or if they occur along with other symptoms such as an aversion to light and sound, or if you experience nausea or vomiting.

If you are experiencing back pain, neck pain, headaches, migraines or any other related discomfort, it’s best to contact your local clinic. Chiropractors can also help to alleviate sciatica, hip pain and joint stiffness, as well as taking an ongoing approach to the improvement of performance and the prevention of injury in sports. Take your health into your own hands today and you’ll be on the path to living a healthier, happier, pain-free life.