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10 Tips to Stay Young

It is not necessary to stop the clock to live with more vitality.
It is not necessary to stop the clock to live with more vitality.

Life expectancy has been so long that it is necessary to define healthy habits that allow us to live better. You don’t have to stop time to stay alive, just follow simple daily routines.

Eating a balanced diet, doing physical activity, drinking plenty of water, taking time for rest and recreation, connecting with nature, spending more time with our affections, are some of the factors that help us lower stress levels and keep a healthy life that lasts over time.

Perhaps the secret of eternal youth does not exist, but we can live better and with more vitality if we achieve harmony between body, mind and spirit. It is not very difficult if we follow a series of behaviors.

Tips to stay young

  1. Eat naturally

The key to a healthy diet is to ensure that it is varied, abundant in quantity of fruits and vegetables, reduced in calories, sugars, fried and processed foods. Eating has to be pleasant and healthy at the same time. It is good to consult a nutritionist to design the appropriate diet for each person’s lifestyle.

  1. Keep the body in shape

It is not simply about taking care of aesthetics, physical activity is necessary to take care of muscle tone, flexibility and cardiovascular health. Jogging or going for a walk a few minutes a day is already a good routine. Doing yoga or a sport that we like is another option to take care of the body and also the mind.

  1. Take care of your posture

Over the years, bad posture will take its toll on us. Let’s take care of the way we sit, walk, at work, at home, when watching TV, when we make an effort and even when sleeping.

  1. Exercise the brain

It is very necessary to have an active mind to avoid the deterioration that it suffers with the years. Doing meditation, memory exercises, crossword puzzles, reading, studying a language, or signing up for a course that involves putting your mind into action will help keep it vital.

  1. Protect the skin

Although it seems superficial, looking good is also feeling good. The skin reflects how we are inside. Its care depends, in addition to creams and good beauty products, on eating a healthy diet, not smoking, sunbathing in the right measure and with adequate protection, and with sufficient hydration. It is important to drink a lot of water.

  1. Visit the doctor

Periodic control is necessary from an early age, even before birth. But as the years go by, check-ups need to be more frequent and age-appropriate. We must try to do the necessary tests, not only to prevent, but because what is detected early, will be easier to treat. We can take doctor advice and use supplement for healthy skin and looks. Today lots of remedies and supplement are available to fulfill your healthy need. Intentionally Bare Collagen Peptides plus Biotin Powder could be your effective supplement for hair care, skincare and anti aging.

  1. Reduce stress

A stressed life is not a good life. Setting priorities and giving each thing its degree of importance helps to manage anxiety and stress levels. In addition, it is necessary to sleep the necessary hours, rest, learn to delegate responsibilities and reserve time for leisure.

  1. Watch your breath

Beyond the fact that breathing is an automatic act, many times being aware of breathing is a way to achieve the calm that our routine lacks, in fact, there are anti-stress treatments based on breathing techniques to relax and meditate.

  1. Sex is also health

Leading an active sexual life, with the corresponding care, contributes to emotional and physical fulfillment, since it has been proven that sexual activity also improves certain functions of our body, from the production of hormones associated with well-being to muscle tone and cardiovascular health, among others.

  1. Cultivate affections

Spending time with loved ones is as healthy as eating well and getting enough rest. Hugging, kissing, caressing can do much more for our health than we think. Wanting and feeling loved is probably the best recipe to relieve pain and lead a healthy and happy life.