Setting Goals Is Essential For Living Well

What's going on guys. For the past 2 weeks I've been demotivated and thinking I needed a vacation. My ecommerce sales have slowed significantly during the summer and left me without nearly as much work to do. I had dedicated the past 6 months to getting good at Aliexpress/FB Ads, and it's safe to say [...]

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How To Be Happy (The Real Way)

Welcome back everyone, tonight we're going to be talking about how to be happy. This is probably the most overlooked and misguided aspect in people's lives, as they are looking for happiness in all the wrong places. Most people are sold that they will be happy through things like having a stable job, house, and [...]

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How To Use Laziness Efficiently

What's going on guys? Today I want to talk about how I transformed my laziness from a negative attribute, into a positive one. Before I changed my life, I would sit around playing video games and watching TV all day. I couldn't be bothered to do anything that didn't involve a bed. In addition, while [...]

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My Experience With Acupuncture And Cupping Therapy

The western world sure knows their medicine - certainly a lot better than what American doctors do for you. As you might've guessed from the title, this post is all about my experience with Acupuncture, with some additional information about Cupping Therapy. Why Acupuncture? Well, I've always had lower back problems so a few years ago I [...]

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My Experience With LASEK (PRK) Surgery

I first got glasses when I was 16 years old. I had been putting them off since I failed an eye test in the 6th grade, and my vision had gotten progressively worse. Faces were just blurs, and I wouldn't have been able to get my drivers license without vision correction. So I begrudgingly got [...]

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