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Brian’s Dropshipping Story

I remember first learning about dropshipping in 2013 when I was working for a catalogue company processing orders over the phone. We had a huge warehouse of products, but we also drop shipped many items from other companies as well.

Just incase you don’t know – dropshipping is when you list a company’s product at retail price, and when you get an order, you buy the product from the company at wholesale, and then you keep the difference in price (the margin).

You then give the original company your customers order information and they then ship the product to the customer. You never touch the inventory.


Anyway, I always thought about what a great concept it was and remember looking online trying to learn more.

Since I was still a loser back then, I didn’t really try too hard to learn about the business model and it slipped my mind for a few years.

Fast forward to October 2015, and I randomly found myself listening to an amazing podcast episode about dropshipping.

Building Niche Stores

I was so inspired I signed up for a $500 course, and began to learn and start my first store.

Everything was going well and I was making sales, until I realized that my margins were complete crap and it was a struggle to be profitable.

Therefore I sold the store for $2,250 and decided to try again with a new niche.


I picked the next niche a lot more carefully, to ensure the margins were high enough to make money. This time I was making a profit of between $500-$1000/mo.

It was nice at the start, but after awhile it became apparent that there was no more growth to be had in the space.

So again I went to sell the store, and this time I fetched $8,150 for my efforts.


Discovering Aliexpress

I loved ecommerce, but I was tired of the original method I learned of building niche stores and advertising on Google Shopping.

I wanted to find a new solution, so I set my sights on Chiang Mai, Thailand, where many other entrepreneurs were moving to.

Shortly after arriving, I met a few people that were dropshipping from Aliexpress.


After researching the method, it was exactly the kind of change I needed, as it allowed for more control, more scalability, and most importantly; much more profit.

I was already very good with Shopify, but this method required Facebook Ads which I had absolutely no experience with.

So in January 2017, after scouring the internet and learning nothing, I decided to just jump in test everything out myself.

It was a complete month of just straight testing and nonstop work, when I finally hit a winning product that made me $30,000 in profit.


That was the best feeling I’ve ever had in ecommerce (and maybe even my life), and I knew that Aliexpress was the business model for me.

From that point on, I kept testing more and more products and averaged about 1 big winner every month for the next 4 months.

In the 5 months in total, I did over $500,000 in revenue, with $150,000 being straight profit.

I then took a pause once summer came as this business is very seasonal, and it was not worth the effort to make much less money in Q3. I also wanted to record my entire process, as I was getting a lot of requests for me to make a course on exactly how to do this.


Final Thoughts

As summer is finally winding down, I’m gearing up for a crazy holiday season. I will be back in business testing a bunch of new products, as well as being available to help as many of you guys out as possible. This business model has really changed my life, and I hope it can do the same for you.

Best – Brian