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The blog has come to an end. This site will remain as an archive of my life, depicting the experiences I learned and shared – (This is a link to the post explaining why).


About Brian


The Short Version:


The Long Version:

I grew up in Glastonbury, Connecticut. My parents divorced when I was 3, so I never had a normal family life. From when I was a little kid through middle school, I was forced to live with my mom in a town 30 minutes away during the week, and I would get to go to my dad’s house on the weekends.

I hated my mom’s house because she remarried and my new step-dad always tried to tell me what to do. He would make me go outside all day when I just wanted to watch TV/play video games. And then my mom became a clone of him. It was a very strict household overall, with constant fighting. My new step-dad brought a step-brother though, which definitely helped the situation. Me and him were tight.


But then, my mom and step-dad had a kid of their own, and that just made everything even worse. They gave my new brother all the attention and he turned out to be super annoying. More fighting ensued.

My dad’s house on the other hand was the shit. Unlike my mom’s house, there were absolutely no rules. I could do whatever I wanted, and me and the other kids in his neighborhood became best friends. Everyone used to come to my dad’s house on the weekends and play video games all night and sleep over. In addition, my dad would take us anywhere we wanted to go. The weekends were a blast.

Middle School

Middle school was also very unique for me. My mom paid tuition for me to go to a public school in a different town than where we lived. I was never involved in sports or “grew up” with the other kids in my school, so I always felt like an outsider. I did however have a good amount of cool friends during the day.

I used to have long hair and the girls absolutely loved me. I was so shy though so I had no idea what to do. I stuck to AIM and talked to them online since I was too much of a pussy in school.

I also used to get bullied by a select group of kids. My mom made me dress in extremely outdated clothes while everyone else had cool outfits. I got a lot of shit for that.


But by 7th and 8th Grade, I finally got some cool clothes and got even more attention from girls. My shyness decreased, and could now talk to them in class. Unfortunately, I was absolutely obsessed with one girl, which distracted me from harnessing my potential with the other girls.

I had a few girls who liked me/wanted to date me but I only wanted this one girl who I was obsessed with. It was incredibly stupid because I had this best girl friend and we would talk on the phone all the time. I never realized she liked me until I looked back on the situation.

I remember on Valentine’s Day in 8th Grade, I bought 4 different girls chocolate (the best friend girl got me a present too). I was a stud, no-one else was doing shit like that. If only I could’ve capitalized on the situation, I would’ve been a middle school legend. I just couldn’t close. I was still too much of a pussy.

Anyway after middle school I decided that enough was enough living at my strict mom’s house, and I told them I was going to live with my dad.

High School

I moved back to Glastonbury to my dad’s house, and entered my Freshman year of high school there. The bad part however, was that I didn’t know anyone in this school-system, and it was an enormous 2,200 kid school (especially compared to my middle school with 600 kids).

Therefore, I quickly reverted back to my shy kid ways. Not knowing anyone was one hell of an anxiety roller coaster. I would have classes where I didn’t talk to anyone and no-one knew who I was. Looking back, I can’t believe how much of a weirdo I was.

But, I did have some classes where people reached out to me and I made two really good friends. We all played instruments (I play the drums), so we decided to start a band.

All throughout the summer of Freshman year through the beginning of senior year we were best friends and took the band pretty seriously – we were pretty good too. We played shows and even recorded an album.

Anyway, beginning of Sophomore year, we all started smoking weed. We had some great times. After school we would all go to my house, smoke, watch Seinfeld, and practice if we weren’t too lazy.

They had some stuff going on with girls though while I was still falling behind. I was so skinny and awkward, I can see why I had trouble. My vision also started rapidly deteriorating, so I had to get glasses. And then braces came next. Disaster.

But then Junior year came around, and I started smoking with some popular kids and became semi-popular myself. I even had a few girls I was talking too, but once again I was too much of a pussy to pull the trigger.

It was my best period of high school though – I would have parties at my house on the weekends and everyone would sleep over.


Unfortunately this popular period was short lived, as weed starting giving me extreme anxiety and paranoia. I couldn’t smoke anymore and this caused me to lose all my popular friends. We had nothing else in common.

Anyway, at the end of Junior year I finally lost my virginity to some random girl in my old town. I never got to date any of the stunners in my high school.

Then Senior year came and some bullshit happened where the band fell apart and I lost all my other friends over stupid drama. The second half of Senior year was extremely lonely and I couldn’t wait to get to college.

But, I stupidly decided to study music at a small private college in Connecticut.


At the start of college, I was killing it. I was meeting a lot of new people and was talking to a shit load of girls. But, I quickly developed oneitis for this super hot blonde girl I was best friends with. I confessed my crush to her and she shot me down. I was devastated.

I became super depressed until one weekend I randomly met a girl at a party, and we connected instantly. She became my girlfriend for the next year and a half.

I had some of the best times of my life with her, but some problems occurred after I dropped out of school.

Neither my mom or dad would let me live with them if I wasn’t in school, so I got my old high school job back delivering pizza, and illegally moved into my girlfriends dorm room when she came back for her Sophomore year of college.


It was the smallest dorm room you can ever imagine with the worst twin sized bed. As you can imagine, this caused a lot of fighting because I could never fall asleep. I even bought an air mattress for me to sleep on, which she wasn’t too fond of.

All our friends had left the college after freshman year, so it was just me and her, and it was driving me insane and making both of us unhappy.

So eventually I had to end the relationship, and told my dad that I was enrolling in community college, and begged him to let me live with him again.

After some heavy persuasion, he finally agreed, and I was back at home in Glastonbury.

More College/Work

At community college I was studying business, which deep down I always knew was my true calling.

In addition, I also landed a pretty sweet job as an inbound call-center rep selling travel insurance. It was salary + commission, so I managed to save up a good chunk of change while living at home.

But most importantly, I randomly stumbled across the self-improvement website Good Looking Loser, which completely blew my mind.


Everything I thought I knew I threw out the window, and I dove head first into Chris’s advice. I started seeing results in all facets of life, and I eventually realized that success comes by getting out of your comfort zone and going all in.

With this knew found epiphany, I knew I had to leave Connecticut and start seeing more of the world. So I quit my well paying job (for my age), left my comfortable life at my dads house, and took my talents to Tampa, Florida, to finish my college degree in Finance.


I arrived to Tampa a few months before Fall semester, and had a lot of fun partying and meeting girls. I thought that this would continue throughout the school year, but boy was I wrong.

I ended up despising the new college I found myself at, as it was basically just a commuter school. Combine that with being a transfer student and it really wasn’t too enjoyable.


However, it was shortly after classes started when I came up with the idea for this website. I saw all the incoming Freshman, and they reminded me of a lot of how I used to be just a few years prior.

Just like Chris from Good Looking Loser did for me, I wanted to help people change their lives by sharing my own experiences and what I learned from them.

While everyone else was going to class, I learned how to build a website, and Loser 2 Winner was born.


I quickly became obsessed with everything online business related, and I started to really question how I could ever work a corporate job again.

My theory was confirmed when I landed an analyst internship in commercial real estate.

It was a great company and most of my co-workers were awesome, but I soon realized that there was no way in hell I was going to fall into the trap.

I wasn’t cut out for being an employee, and I definitely didn’t want to waste my whole life kissing someones ass to climb the corporate ladder.


Around that same time, Loser 2 Winner was gaining exposure, and I had just started to learn about dropshipping.

I made the decision that I was dropping out of college (again), and going all in with online business.

I also wanted to leave the US, as I had started to wake up to reality and see through the lies and corruption that runs deep in the country.

So I then moved back to Connecticut, where I spent a year of flipping ecommerce stores to save enough money to get the hell out of dodge. My destination – Chiang Mai, Thailand.


In November 2016, I finally arrived in Chiang Mai. Thailand blew me away and it was so cool experience another way of life outside the US.

I spent the month meeting a bunch of new people, going out a lot, and experiencing Thai culture. I was having a great time, and I knew that Thailand was already my new home.

A little while after that, I met some guys who introduced me to dropshipping on Aliexpress.

I had been making a little bit of money doing traditional dropshipping in 2016, but with this new method, I really started to reap the rewards.


Anyway, after making a good chunk of change, I started to see things from the other side of the curtain, and further woke up to reality.

I began to get depressed at the current state of the world, as the masses don’t know how hard they’re getting screwed over.

I then started investing in cryptocurrency and getting involved with Libertarian ideals. I am now interested in how the blockchain can change the world for the better.

That’s pretty much my life so far. Thanks for reading! – Brian